Thursday, December 31, 2015

Whatever Happened to Code Pink?

Remember how Code Pink used to show up everywhere George Bush went. They protested his every movement and staked out his ranch in Texas. They made a lot of noise and tried to disrupt his speeches and public events. The news media was regularly assigned to follow their movements. Have you heard anything about them lately? Code Pink has not been in the news very much since George Bush left office. What happened?

Under Bush, we had about 680 military deaths in Afghanistan and about 1,050 military deaths in Iraq. Code Pink had a right to howl about American military personnel getting killed. But what happened to them when Bush left office?

Because of Obama's “rules of engagement” we have lost about 1,550 military personnel in Afghanistan and about 2,220 in Iraq. Yes, that is right, Obama has gotten more than twice as many soldiers killed as Bush did in about the same amount of time. This is even worse than it sounds, considering Obama left Iraq in a lurch and lost most of the military hardware we left behind for ISIS to confiscate and use against us.

My question is what happened to Code Pink? Have you ever seen them protesting Obama? Have you ever read about them protesting Obama? Have you heard them protesting Afghanistan? Have you heard of them protesting the war or pretend war in Iraq and Syria. I have not. It is obvious they are only against war when there is a Republican president.

I looked up the Code Pink website to find out what they are doing. I found their claim to 2015 accomplishments interesting.

Their agenda includes:
  • Advocation for closure of Guantanamo Bay prison and turning the property back over to Cuba.
  • Fighting Islamophobia in the United States.
  • Exposing the corrupt relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia.
  • Re-establishing U. S. relations with Cuba.
  • Ginning up support for Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal.
  • Support for reunification of North and South Korea.
  • Holding war criminals accountable.

It sounds to me like Code Pink is actually a Democrat political organization, not an anti-war coalition. I did not see all their objectives, but I would not be surprised to find global warming in there somewhere. It is obvious they carry water for Obama.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thoughts at Christmas

I want to wish a Merry Christmas to all my friends, blog readers and Facebook friends.

As I reflect on my life, as many people do at this time of year, I would like to re-state some unoriginal thoughts. I think they are appropriate for whatever God to whom you pray or whether you believe in no god.

"... our forefathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

I still think "peace on earth and good will toward everyone" are worthy goals for all of us.

A special thanks to my wife, Kathi, who I love dearly. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for putting up with me. Thank you for all your sacrifices to hold our family together.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's Still the Economy, Sammy

James Carville is credited with the saying, “The economy, Stupid.” He coined it in 1992 as part of Bill Clinton’s campaign against GHW Bush. The phrase evolved to “It’s the economy, Stupid.” Since I did not know who I would be calling stupid, I chose to address this article to a fictitious Sammy, although other people might want to read it also.

Since the healthcare issue is resolved, the Democrat candidates have already decided the most important issues after climate change are: “Who’s feelings not to hurt next” and “How much can I give you so you continue to vote Democrat?” Whatever happened to individual strength and independence? The Democrat Party seems to have lost faith that it still exists.

On the Republican side the debate about the most important issues facing the United States include: illegal immigration, ISIS, terrorism in general, the economy, the national debt, climate change, the federal government, race relations, unemployment, health care and education. There is a seething rage against what the Democrat Party under Barack Obama’s leadership or in some cases lack of leadership have done to this country.

My opinion is that the most important issue we have facing our country is the economy. If we want more border guards to seal the border and more immigration courts to deport illegals already here or we want the illegal immigrants to stay and receive benefits, we need more money. If we send the military to fight ISIS around the world or we pay more law enforcement officials to protect us from internal ISIS converts, we need more money. If we want to fight the effects of climate change or prevent climate change from happening, we need more money. If we want to address the race relations issues with community outreach or pay to repair damage done by protestors, we need more money.

The Obama administration takes in more tax money than any time in the history of the country and we go $500,000,000 further into debt each year. Obama likes to take credit for the booming economy and Hillary wants to keep moving at the same pace, but I think any Republican could do better. If we are going to pay down our debt, we need to spend less and bring in more tax revenue.

We are allowing up to 500,000 people to cross our border illegally each year and the congress just doubled the number of visas that will bring in more people legally. Sure, the businesses want the cheap labor, but the result is a lot of working age Americans are unemployed and will continue to be unemployed, if something does not change.

We need a change agent for our next president. We need someone to get rid of the government red tape that is preventing new businesses from prospering and starting up. We need to stop the EPA from thinking they need to inspect rain water draining off our lawns. We need a tax system that encourages businesses to create new jobs.

No doubt, Sammy. In my mind, the economy is our most important issue facing the United States.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Who Are We?

I read a news report that some Texans are terrorizing Muslims that live in their neighborhood. How stupid is this? We have done this with ethnic groups and races at times in our history. We are better people than this. Stop it.

America is built on a dream of freedom for all of us. We are supposed to support each other. We are supposed to stand up for our neighbors.

Politicians are making bold statements about Muslims, because we are taking in refugees from war torn countries. Let the politicians have their say. We get to vote to support the ones we like and ignore the ones we do not like. Political rhetoric is a poor excuse for hurting other people, no matter their color or religion.

There is never a time when you can blame a group of people for what a few individuals from the group do -- not even all white people are gun-toting killers. It is insane to think about groups of people that way. We are individuals and should be treated by our peers based on our behavior, not what someone that looks like us does.

We should be proud to be Americans. We should be proud to be Texans. People should be proud of their race and proud of their religion. We should all live our lives in a manner that makes who we are something to be a source of our pride. We owe that to ourselves and our families.

Politically, I am not very tolerant. Our nation is deeply divided for a lot of different reasons – ideology, net worth, age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, weight and a ton of other reasons we see ourselves as different from other people.

We see children do it in school. They love to single out and bully people that are different. That may be the only reason the NRA does not advocate giving guns to children. They are not mature enough to make good decisions. As they grow to maturity their behaviors should change. They may not think any different as they get older, but most at least learn to control their behavior.

Politics makes people crazy. I get overly obsessed myself. Even political animosities need to be dealt with in the sphere of words.

Whether the neighbors have been around forever or just moved into the neighborhood, they should be treated with respect. Bad people always let you know when it is time to stop your respect for them. Let us not fall into the trap of becoming what we are fighting against.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I thought it was time to give a pop quiz. It is a multiple choice test to check our mutual understanding of the world. My expectation is that everyone will grade their own test. Your spouse or children are allowed to help. If you need more help with an answer, leave a comment on the blog.


1)      The weather phenomenon that I find most freighting is: (a) A category 3 hurricane in Mexico, (b) A tornado near me or (c) The world temperature possibly changing one degree in 100 years.

2)      The best way to solve the African refugee crisis is: (a) build fences around every country in the world, (b) Tax refugees upon arrival in their new country or (c) Remove the threat that is causing them to migrate.

3)      When you get pulled over by a policeman for speeding you should: (a) Wait until he gets out of the car and speed away, (b) Answer his questions and be respectful of (c) Tell him you know he only stopped you because he is a racist.

4)      If you are in a crowded theater and someone starts shooting people at random you should: (a) Hide behind your spouse, (b) Try to find a safe route to escape fire or (c) Ask your spouse if you can borrow their pistol and shoot the murderer.

5)      If you happen to live in a nation that is eighteen trillion dollars in debt you should: (a) Elect people that will reduce spending, (b) Elect someone that will give away more cash so people can feel good about themselves or (c) Do not vote because all politicians are the same.

6)      The best way a candidate can get people to vote for them is: (a) Promise the voters free stuff, (b) Explain how your policies will make everyone’s life better or (c) Tell voters they are okay and should stop complaining.

7)      If you happen to find yourself in the midst of a riot you should: (a) Hope it lasts until dark so you can rob some stores, (b) Go home to your loved ones or (c) Join in and destroy as much property as possible.

8)      If you are routinely being treated unfairly you should: (a) Get your friends to help you protest (b) Try to find others that feel as you do and determine the best method to get your grievances heard or (c) Forget it and hope the problem goes away.

9)      If you had an opportunity to address violence in bad neighborhoods you would: (a) Hope the thugs killed each other off so you would not have to deal with them, (b) Import a gang that you can control to eliminate the competition or (c) Get community support for increased police presence in the neighborhoods.

10)   The best way to win a war is: (a) Tell the enemy when you are going to quit fighting, (b) Do not shoot back at the enemy or (c) Kill as many of the enemy as possible in as short a time as possible.