Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's Still the Economy, Sammy

James Carville is credited with the saying, “The economy, Stupid.” He coined it in 1992 as part of Bill Clinton’s campaign against GHW Bush. The phrase evolved to “It’s the economy, Stupid.” Since I did not know who I would be calling stupid, I chose to address this article to a fictitious Sammy, although other people might want to read it also.

Since the healthcare issue is resolved, the Democrat candidates have already decided the most important issues after climate change are: “Who’s feelings not to hurt next” and “How much can I give you so you continue to vote Democrat?” Whatever happened to individual strength and independence? The Democrat Party seems to have lost faith that it still exists.

On the Republican side the debate about the most important issues facing the United States include: illegal immigration, ISIS, terrorism in general, the economy, the national debt, climate change, the federal government, race relations, unemployment, health care and education. There is a seething rage against what the Democrat Party under Barack Obama’s leadership or in some cases lack of leadership have done to this country.

My opinion is that the most important issue we have facing our country is the economy. If we want more border guards to seal the border and more immigration courts to deport illegals already here or we want the illegal immigrants to stay and receive benefits, we need more money. If we send the military to fight ISIS around the world or we pay more law enforcement officials to protect us from internal ISIS converts, we need more money. If we want to fight the effects of climate change or prevent climate change from happening, we need more money. If we want to address the race relations issues with community outreach or pay to repair damage done by protestors, we need more money.

The Obama administration takes in more tax money than any time in the history of the country and we go $500,000,000 further into debt each year. Obama likes to take credit for the booming economy and Hillary wants to keep moving at the same pace, but I think any Republican could do better. If we are going to pay down our debt, we need to spend less and bring in more tax revenue.

We are allowing up to 500,000 people to cross our border illegally each year and the congress just doubled the number of visas that will bring in more people legally. Sure, the businesses want the cheap labor, but the result is a lot of working age Americans are unemployed and will continue to be unemployed, if something does not change.

We need a change agent for our next president. We need someone to get rid of the government red tape that is preventing new businesses from prospering and starting up. We need to stop the EPA from thinking they need to inspect rain water draining off our lawns. We need a tax system that encourages businesses to create new jobs.

No doubt, Sammy. In my mind, the economy is our most important issue facing the United States.

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