Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I thought it was time to give a pop quiz. It is a multiple choice test to check our mutual understanding of the world. My expectation is that everyone will grade their own test. Your spouse or children are allowed to help. If you need more help with an answer, leave a comment on the blog.


1)      The weather phenomenon that I find most freighting is: (a) A category 3 hurricane in Mexico, (b) A tornado near me or (c) The world temperature possibly changing one degree in 100 years.

2)      The best way to solve the African refugee crisis is: (a) build fences around every country in the world, (b) Tax refugees upon arrival in their new country or (c) Remove the threat that is causing them to migrate.

3)      When you get pulled over by a policeman for speeding you should: (a) Wait until he gets out of the car and speed away, (b) Answer his questions and be respectful of (c) Tell him you know he only stopped you because he is a racist.

4)      If you are in a crowded theater and someone starts shooting people at random you should: (a) Hide behind your spouse, (b) Try to find a safe route to escape fire or (c) Ask your spouse if you can borrow their pistol and shoot the murderer.

5)      If you happen to live in a nation that is eighteen trillion dollars in debt you should: (a) Elect people that will reduce spending, (b) Elect someone that will give away more cash so people can feel good about themselves or (c) Do not vote because all politicians are the same.

6)      The best way a candidate can get people to vote for them is: (a) Promise the voters free stuff, (b) Explain how your policies will make everyone’s life better or (c) Tell voters they are okay and should stop complaining.

7)      If you happen to find yourself in the midst of a riot you should: (a) Hope it lasts until dark so you can rob some stores, (b) Go home to your loved ones or (c) Join in and destroy as much property as possible.

8)      If you are routinely being treated unfairly you should: (a) Get your friends to help you protest (b) Try to find others that feel as you do and determine the best method to get your grievances heard or (c) Forget it and hope the problem goes away.

9)      If you had an opportunity to address violence in bad neighborhoods you would: (a) Hope the thugs killed each other off so you would not have to deal with them, (b) Import a gang that you can control to eliminate the competition or (c) Get community support for increased police presence in the neighborhoods.

10)   The best way to win a war is: (a) Tell the enemy when you are going to quit fighting, (b) Do not shoot back at the enemy or (c) Kill as many of the enemy as possible in as short a time as possible.


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