Saturday, December 12, 2015

Who Are We?

I read a news report that some Texans are terrorizing Muslims that live in their neighborhood. How stupid is this? We have done this with ethnic groups and races at times in our history. We are better people than this. Stop it.

America is built on a dream of freedom for all of us. We are supposed to support each other. We are supposed to stand up for our neighbors.

Politicians are making bold statements about Muslims, because we are taking in refugees from war torn countries. Let the politicians have their say. We get to vote to support the ones we like and ignore the ones we do not like. Political rhetoric is a poor excuse for hurting other people, no matter their color or religion.

There is never a time when you can blame a group of people for what a few individuals from the group do -- not even all white people are gun-toting killers. It is insane to think about groups of people that way. We are individuals and should be treated by our peers based on our behavior, not what someone that looks like us does.

We should be proud to be Americans. We should be proud to be Texans. People should be proud of their race and proud of their religion. We should all live our lives in a manner that makes who we are something to be a source of our pride. We owe that to ourselves and our families.

Politically, I am not very tolerant. Our nation is deeply divided for a lot of different reasons – ideology, net worth, age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, weight and a ton of other reasons we see ourselves as different from other people.

We see children do it in school. They love to single out and bully people that are different. That may be the only reason the NRA does not advocate giving guns to children. They are not mature enough to make good decisions. As they grow to maturity their behaviors should change. They may not think any different as they get older, but most at least learn to control their behavior.

Politics makes people crazy. I get overly obsessed myself. Even political animosities need to be dealt with in the sphere of words.

Whether the neighbors have been around forever or just moved into the neighborhood, they should be treated with respect. Bad people always let you know when it is time to stop your respect for them. Let us not fall into the trap of becoming what we are fighting against.

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