Saturday, January 23, 2016

Natalie and Mike

Today I am posting one of my poems from my children’s poetry e-book called “ABC Poems for Kids.” You can find it at


Natalie was a girl, whose hair was fair,
   It looked just like her mother’s.
She always did her very best
   To show kindness to others.

What Mom and Dad told her to do
   Was never too much trouble.
Whenever they called she was there
   Pleasing and oh so lovable.

Natalie had many friends on her street
   Who were always glad to play.
They each liked to see Natalie outside
   For she was always happy and gay.

When she was at school, she was so good
   The teacher was always pleased.
She sat quietly and did her work
   And by her classmates was never teased.

Natalie had a younger brother named Mike
   Who at one time was a terror.
He yelled and screamed and rolled on the floor,
   He was bad, that was no error.

Mom and Dad talked and talked
   But Mike paid no attention.
Many different punishments were tried
   But to obey -- Mike had no intention.

Natalie didn’t understand this behavior
   For this way she never had been.
She asked her mother what was wrong
   That caused Mike’s patience to be so thin.

Mother did not know the answer,
   She had only an idea to try.
She asked Natalie to stay around Mike
   And act like a lady when he would cry.

Natalie stayed with Mike many days
   Setting a good example.
Even when Mike was at his worst
   Natalie’s patience was ample.

Soon a change began to show
   And Mike’s behavior improved.
But Natalie knows she is the one who gained most,
   Her gaiety and pleasance cannot be removed.

Natalie and Mike are now good friends
   As well as being sister and brother.
And the rest of their lives they will treasure
   What each has given to the other.

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