Sunday, February 28, 2016

Panic and Chaos

Talk about panic. The Republican party is in full panic mode. Donald Trump has them scared. The national politics Republicans have ignored their voters for so long they thought they were an irreplaceable lot. They made tremendous effort to intimidate and marginalize the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives. Freedom Caucus members were reflecting the views of their constituents, which did not mesh the National Republican Party priorities.

What the heck is the Freedom Caucus you ask? Remember after Barack Obama won his first election to president and he, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi raised taxes on corporations and individuals. Soon Thereafter the “taxed enough already” groups started popping up around the country and calling themselves the Tea Party. Tea Party members realized their wrath went far beyond the Democrats in office. They had to get rid of some of the Republicans that never listened to their constituents. They began looking for conservative candidates to replace members of congress. They were successful and Republicans retook control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 election, because of the energy of Tea Party members. The newly elected house members joined together in a conservative voting bloc called the Tea Party Caucus. The Tea Party caucus evolved and enticed new members through conversion or election and became the Freedom Caucus.

Congressional Republicans still would not listen. Now two leaders in the House have been replaced in recent years. In 2014 Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader, lost his seat in the House of Representatives in a primary election to Dave Brat. Cantor lost because he spent all his time in Washington DC and did not appear interested in what people that elected him wanted him to do in Washington. The voters of Virginia had enough and Found a Tea Party endorsed candidate to challenge Cantor. Challenge he did and Brat sent Cantor packing.

Next came John Boehner who was the exalted Speaker of the House. Boehner spent 5 years marginalizing the Tea Party Caucus and continued to do so after their evolution to the Freedom Caucus. Boehner went along with everything the Democrats wanted and the Freedom Caucus finally had enough. They began looking for a candidate to replace Boehner and started a revolution in the House of Representatives. Boehner finally had to give up his job as Speaker and retire from the House of Representatives.

Then along came “The Donald.” Donald Trump may win the Republican nomination for president and Congressional Republicans are now up in arms, because the people’s choice for a presidential candidate is not a Washington insider. Boo hoo hoo. Republican donors and Republican leadership and their supporters are in full panic mode. They are trying every dirty trick they can muster to keep someone from getting into office that might actually listen to the people instead of letting them continue business as usual. They are openly hoping they can force a brokered convention to thwart the people and “The Donald.”

Mitt Romney is even offering to come back and challenge Trump. He could not muster enough votes to win last time. Does than not make him a loser? The Republican Party would prefer a loser in the White House they can control. They absolutely do not want a candidate that might actually do what he was hired to do. The panic and chaos is well deserved – Republican leaders asked for it loudly and for a long time.

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