Thursday, February 25, 2016


My last post titled, “Republicans are Stupid” was considered too harsh by some of my readers, so I am toning it down some in this post. Other possible titles I thought of were: “Republicans Do Not Pay Attention,” “Republicans are Silly” and “Republicans are Asleep at the Wheel.” They did not seem to have the same pizzazz. I will just use RAS this week and after you finish the post the initials can mean anything you choose. Please read the entire post before making a decision. Thanks.

Another way Democrats pull the wool over our eyes is with the tax system. It starts with the difference in Republican and Democrat tax policies. Republicans prefer lower taxes that gives people more money to spend and gives entrepreneurs more cash to create small businesses and thus create jobs. Democrats like high taxes, because it punishes successful people and gives the government  more money to spend. This is a falsity Democrat economists have not figured out yet. They have no clue that raising taxes too high gives them less tax money. Art Laffer and the Laffer Curve displays this fact graphically and it makes sense. Democrats spend a ton of time and ink trying to discredit the Laffer Curve, because it does not fit their agenda.

What the curve shows is that beyond a certain tax level revenue decreases.

 The Democrats devised a plan to get their way and foolishly the Republicans fell into the Democrat trap, as they usually do. The Democrats changed the tax plan to exclude people in poverty from paying taxes. Of course being humanitarian, the Republicans fell for this ploy and let that tax plan stand. Then the Democrats began nudging the poverty level up, with the Republicans standing by and watching. Now we are approaching 50% of the population not paying taxes. My questions are: Will the majority of people approve of the Republican tax policy or the Democrat tax policy? Are the Democrats not the best connivers in the world? Are Republicans really as stupid as the Democrats continue to make us look?

Another subject
We have a whole host of Republicans that swear they will not vote for Donald Trump. We had a whole host of Conservatives that refused to vote for Mitt Romney. Look what that got us. Four more years of Barack Obama, a flood of illegal immigrants and a major push to allow illegal immigrants to vote in our elections. They have already been given the right to vote in California in all but Federal elections.

If Republicans do not get together and support whoever the Republican nominee is, Hillary Clinton will win the next election and the Republicans will never win another presidential election in this country. Never is not an exaggeration. Look at the demographics. Democrats have a long range plan and Republicans are __________________. You fill in the blank.

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