Saturday, February 20, 2016

Republicans are Stupid

Do you think it is an accident the demon and Democrat begin with the same four letters? While you ponder that over, I will get on to the subject of the day.

At the conclusion of this post I think you will understand why I have the opinion expressed in the title of this post. Republicans are stupid about a lot of things, but today I am going to write about one issue – immigration.

The United States government allows about 1,000,000 legal immigrants to come into our country every year and we have for a long, long time. The problem for the Democrats is that they want to use immigration as a means for changing the voter base to demographics that are more in their favor. A large portion of the Democrat base includes the less prosperous portion of our population. The Democrats started sucking in new voters big time when FDR was president and he began his wealth redistribution program called “The New Deal.”

Now the Democrats knew if they allowed their base to prosper, using the power of our capitalistic system, their base may evolve to become Republicans. To prevent that the Democrats began to systematically give the poor just enough free stuff to keep them poor and told them they would have to sacrifice the free stuff if they tried to prosper. Well this worked pretty well until the Democrats started calling themselves progressives. Progressives realized the demographics were not shifting fast enough for them. They immediately set out on a plan to rectify this by allowing more poor people to cross the border, legally if possible. Then along came the most radical of the progressives, Barack Hussein Obama. He moved our border patrol off the border and advertised in all American countries south of our border that now was the time to move to the United States for permanent relocation. He and the Democrats obviously did not care if some of the immigrants coming in were gang-members, drug dealers, rapists or murders. Asking questions could slow down the traffic flow.

The main goal of Republicans in Washington is to keep their job and their power. They get their election money from National Chamber of Commerce members. The Chamber wants cheap labor and more customers. So big corporations donate to Republicans that will keep the status quo. That means allowing the Democrats to keep illegal immigration high and try not to take any of the blame themselves. So Republican office holders complain religiously about the President’s overreach allowing a flood of new Democrat voters into the country. Republicans in office are too stupid to recognize the Democrat plan to allow these illegal immigrants the right to vote, so the Republicans can be displaced from office.

The Republican voters are stupid, because we keep electing these same people that do not care about us, they only care about their staying in office and keeping their power. We stand by and watch the Democrats demonize Tea Party members and watch Republican in congress try to minimize the Tea Party Caucus members, who are actually the only ones trying to uphold the constitution and keep our country intact and prosperous.

What should we do? Elect people in favor of term limits. Elect people that will change the tax structure, so that every person pays taxes, with the most tax being paid by the wealthiest people. Elect people that will stop corporate welfare – we should not have to pay people to do business here.

Do not listen to what candidates tell you. Think for yourself. Think about this. We have a lot of Republicans that claim they will not vote for Donald Trump if he wins the nomination. How stupid is that? Do they not understand the result of that? How stupid are we? Can we please do better?

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  1. Crafty title, as I suspected. Then I have the advantage of being a regular reader.

    Once again some information I did not have before this reading. Enjoyed it as always.