Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Spending and Elections

Paul Ryan our recently elected Speaker of the House of Representatives met with the Freedom Caucus  members in the house. What Ryan proposed was adopting a budget that puts us $1.5 trillion more in debt this year. He got little support. After all, is this not the very reason John Boehner was ousted from office. Do we have any Republicans in leadership positions that are capable of sane ideas?

When you get ready to vote for a new president in November, consider the spreadsheet below, especially the budget deficit column at the far right. The data collected stopped at 2014, but the deficit increased in 2015 and will increase again in 2016 to near the $1.5 trillion mark for which Ryan is asking.

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton want to increase their voter turnout by buying votes. They both want to increase federal spending to give free day care, free pre-school, free college and free healthcare.

Sanders says healthcare is a right. Now I want to know when did Sanders get the right to declare rights. We do not even allow our government to declare rights. In the United States of America, the only rights recognized by our constitution are rights endowed by God. There will be a major problem if we ever allow an elected official to declare rights. That also implies they have the power to deny rights. This means the rights the people have may hinge on which party we elect. Talk about chaos.

Consider the impact Obamacare has already had on the country and it is getting worse. People are still being forced to accept part-time work, because small companies cannot afford to pay insurance premiums for full time employees, which is required by Obamacare.

If we do not hire some people in our federal government that will cut spending, we will fail as a country. I think only a few Republicans have the political will to cut spending and reduce the size of government. Rand Paul probably had the best ideas on how the federal government should spend its money. Unfortunately, he is now out of the presidential race. I think Ted Cruz is our next best chance for fiscal responsibility and getting the budget under control.

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