Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Electoral College

Before our Constitution was written, our founders had to determine a means to elect officials and pass laws that were fair to each state and the people of the states. A major compromise was that our two houses of Congress would be formed differently. Each state would get two members in the Senate and state delegations to the House of Representatives would  be based on population of each state. Without this compromise, we would never have gotten a Constitution. This method assures that each state is represented equally in one house and larger states with larger populations have more sway in the other house.

Our presidential elections and the electoral college are designed with the same thinking in mind – what is fair for all states and the populations thereof.

Article II Section 1 of the Constitution and the 12th Amendment give us 100 senators and 438 representatives for a total of 538 congress persons, thus 538 electors or delegates to the electoral college that elects our President. This means it takes 270 delegates to win the presidency.

I have heard much discussion over the years about doing away with the electoral college and electing presidents by popular vote. The most discussed way of doing so is a constitutional amendment. The amendment process for this cause will probably never occur, but there is another effort taking place that could accomplish the same thing without a constitutional amendment.

George Soros is funding a national popular vote initiative that is supported by states controlled mostly by Democrats. Have you heard of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact? It was new to me. This is a means the Democrats are trying to use to get around the Constitution and make the electoral college moot. The idea is that individual states can band together and distribute their electors by popular vote. This is possible since each state determines it own election laws.

States that have already approved entry into this compact are: CA, DC, HI, IL, MD, MS, NJ, NY, VT, RI and WA representing 165 electoral votes. Votes are pending in: AZ, CT, MI, MN, NE, OK and  PA representing 76 more electoral votes. If these states approve this measure, they are 29 votes away from changing our country forever.

A few of the many problems popular elections for President will cause are:
·         Votes in about 25 states would become irrelevant, with more emphasis only on states with the largest populations.
·         There would be more emphasis on population centers and less emphasis of concerns of urban areas of each state.
·         A huge potential for more election fraud.
·         Some presidents would be weaker by winning an election with only a small majority.

This National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is an obvious effort by left leaning groups and left leaning states to dominate presidential politics. It is a different tactic, but for the same purpose that our country is being flooded with illegal aliens. We need to keep people aware of these tactics or we will lose our country to these ruthless, persistent progressives.

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