Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Interesting Times

A lot of strange things are going on in our world right now. I will mention a few.

We have people demonstrating and blocking traffic to prevent people from listening to Donald Trump speak. People on the left are the most vile, hateful people in the world and point fingers the other direction. For years they have shut out conservative speakers in colleges, while claiming to favor free speech. Pay attention. Every time you hear someone on the left make a statement, in the background they are doing just the opposite of what they say. They have support of most of the print and TV media, so their distortions of the truth are propagated and distributed throughout the world.

I have been complaining for years that the federal governments meddling in education has increased the stupidity of our students. Now we have a college professor in New York that says we should drop algebra from the curriculum, because it is too hard. Do the teachers bear no responsibility here? The teachers’ unions are beholding to their union and not to the students. Instead of educating our children, they have begun teaching students how to pass standardized tests mandated by the federal government.

Muslim extremists are killing people all over the world and Obama tells us they are not Muslims and they are nothing to worry about. They have been lying about Muslims ever since his administration got into the White House. Do you suppose the reason he gave a hundred million dollars to Iran was because his closest ally in the White house is a Muslim set on the destruction of this country from within? I am talking about Valerie Jarrett. She has been one of Obama’s major advisors since he moved to Washington. If you do not believe what I am saying about her, look up her history.

Do you really think Obama did not know the Iranians would use the money to support terrorists throughout the world? Democrats love to tell you how smart he is? How could he not know?

Do you really think Obama opening prison doors to release criminals would not increase the violence and crime in the streets? Of course he knows.

The Obama administration is using government money – our tax dollars to support giving the right to vote to everyone with a green card. Does this surprise anyone? Democrats like to distract us by saying Republicans are trying to keep people from voting by making everyone have a picture ID. Why is Obama flooding this country with immigrants? Because he knows half of them cannot be found for deportation. His intent is to change the demographics of the country any way he can, legally or illegally. You see. Democrats think the end justifies the means. That is why the court system allows union thugs to beat up their opposition with impunity. To unions, thuggery is a political act.

We are on the verge of losing this country. Everything the Democrats cannot take the Republicans are ceding for free. We need someone in Washington that will make changes that will get the country back to being the greatest country in the world. Every new law that is passed usurps our freedom and makes us closer to being like other countries with inept governments. Awaken your friends. Make them aware. Make them vote.

Personally, I support Ted Cruz. I think he would make a better president than the other candidates. The choices are democracy or socialism in the next election. I am not ready to give up on individuals. I choose democracy.

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