Saturday, March 5, 2016


Okay. I take it back. Republicans may not be stupid, but Republic Party leadership certainly is. They have sunk to the point of telling voters how to vote. Can you imagine. A party that prides itself in support from individuals that do not all think the same is trying to coerce people not to vote for Donald Trump. Mitt Romney had a great opportunity to defeat Barack Obama in 2012 and he blew the opportunity. He put his weakness and lack of aggression on display and he failed. Conservatives did not vote for him. He eschewed leadership and he failed. Now he is out making campaign speeches, not for something or someone, but against Donald Trump. Can you believe this stupidity?

I am not an advocate for Trump My preference is Ted Cruz, mostly because he does what he says he will do. I consider myself a conservative more than a Republican. I like conservative values. I like to think individuals have the choice to make their own life decisions. I like smaller government that is effective and efficient. I like the federal government to stay out of issues that constitutionally belong to the states. I like taxation just at the level required to run the government and finance our military. I like regulators to have just enough control to keep businesses and people honest and not enough control to hamper business functions.

Education belongs to the states. Get rid of the department of education and let the states have it. School district level is the appropriate place to establish education standards and implement them. Unemployment insurance belongs to the states – the federal government should not dabble in unemployment issues. Food supplement support belongs to the states. States should manage food stamp programs without federal interference.

State governors and legislatures can find out how well their social programs work and the ones that are most effective and efficient. Governors love to brag, so they can share their methods of success with other governors. John Kasich would be a good example to follow for governors sharing positive information.

I think individuals need support of their families. I think we need to make more effort to keep families together. I think families should live in safe neighborhoods. Good neighborhoods have good schools and supportive churches. Good neighborhoods support local schools and local governments to create effective towns and cities. Policing is essential for safe neighborhoods. Neighborhoods that drive the police away are destined to live under influence of gangs and villains.

Democrats prefer a lot of government, federal state and local. Their assumption is that people are helpless and must have government support for people to survive. Well, I support helping people that need help – all conservatives do. The problem with the Democrats is they like to buy more people that cannot help themselves. They want welfare at the level that people can survive on it so they do not have to work. That is not welfare, that is how you create a dependence and gain more voters. Welfare should be a hand up – not a way of life.

Republicans leadership may be stupid and some Republicans may be stupid. I still prefer them with all their flaws over Democrats whose very survival forces them to create a permanent dependent class. 

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