Saturday, April 2, 2016

Music Genres

My son, A.J. Boozer has started writing his music blog again. In support of his efforts, I am going to display my knowledge of music. Kathi and I watch “The Voice” and “American Idol,” and we usually know ahead of time who will win. We are probably in the 80% range guessing which singer will win these competitions. Our selections are almost totally based on who we think has the best voice. Of course we do realize song selection plays a big role in our judging ability. We try not to think about who the young boys and girls cheer for the most, since what they find appealing in young singers is not the same as what we find appealing.

Some of the questions we hear a lot from the judges on these shows are, “What kind of music do you see yourself doing?” “What type of music do you sing?” These questions are always interesting to me, because I do not know what the choices are for an answer. I can tell you most of what I know about music in a few words. I know:

and maybe a few other music words that really mean little to me. Maybe A. J. will explain some of these things to us as he writes.

This s a list of music genres I hear about, so I guess they are common in the music business. I do not have a clue as to what type of music goes into each category. In no particular order:
I like all kinds of music. My favorite song is a country song called "Always on My Mind" sung by Willie Nelson, but I also like "Extreme Ways" by Moby. The only categories I know for sure are:

I like it.
I don’t like it.

Thanks for your indulgence. Use the following link to read AJ’s music blog:


  1. I got a huge kick out of that, Pop. So much I could say. Very proud you know a jazz chotd, G7, but it should have occured to you that if G has a 7th then so do the rest. It will take me several comments to gdt through this. Most people I know who I respect say the same thing 1. I like it. 2,I dont like it. I am a little prejudiced bit I have three categories. I like it, I dont like it and punk rock. You mentioned psychedelic. I dont know if people called them that early on but i think they were. Right after Pink Floyd changed their name from The Pink Floyd, when Syd Barrett was leading the band and they played at Cambridge a lot they ojt on light shows and it was an event. Then he lost his mind and lived a long life as a recluse. He was great. I love one he did called See Emily Play. More later. I dont think i have anything to teach you about polka but do yourself a favot and get End of the Century by the Ramones. Punk Rock with phil Spektor producing. Another nut but a great producer

    1. Thanks for reading and making a comment, AJ. I enjoyed writing the blog post and supporting you blog.

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