Friday, May 27, 2016


In 1961, right after high school in Galena Park, Texas, my friend Tommy Fry and myself joined the Army. We went in on the “buddy systems” which would assure we served together. We signed up to go “Airborne.” We were to do our basic training at Fort Hood, TX after which we would be assigned to the 82nd Airborne in Fort Bragg, NC. Joining the Army was Tommy’s idea and I did not have any real plans, and I was easily swayed at the time so I went along with his idea. I did not tell my parents that I had enlisted until the day I was leaving for Fort Hood. Mom and Dad were both at work and pretty upset. Dad came home to wish me well and gave me a shaving kit to carry my razor and toothbrush.

We got on the train in downtown Houston where the Astros play their baseball games now. There were eight of us traveling together on the train. The only one I remember beside Tommy and me is Ivan Thurman who was assigned to the same company and platoon I was training for. We were all members of the 2nd Armored Division.

When we joined the Army, Fort Hood was a training base. We were supposed to be in basic training for 16 weeks, then move to a base in Louisiana for 16 more weeks of advanced infantry training before going to the 82nd. During our basic training cycle Fort Hood, the unit I was in was changed from a training organization to a combat ready “T, O and E” organization. To fill the new unit with soldiers, each member of our training unit had to go see the Company Commander, who was a captain. He told me I needed to sign the waiver and help the army outfit the base and I signed. It sounded like the thing to do at the time and like I said, I was in a daze anyway. Our basic training was reduced to eight weeks, then I was assigned to a company with the same NCOs that did our training. I did not go to “AIT.”
Tommy went on to “AIT,” then to the 82nd Airborne and I spent the next two years in Texas.

In June 1963 I was sent to Korea. I spent a short period of a few weeks training with the 8th Army Honor Guard before being transferred to the 9th Cav, 1st Cav Division which was assigned to monitor the DMZ. My unit was just north of the Imjin River. We were responsible for four guard posts on mountain tops inside the DMZ looking into North Korea. We usually had three soldiers in the daytime and six soldiers at night at each guard post. Our normal mode of transportation to our work stations was a jeep and a driver to deliver guard personnel up the mountains. It was monsoon season and it rained every day, often all day and all night. In the daylight hours we were not assigned to guard duty we often spent filling sand bags to keep the roads intact going up the mountains.

On July 29, 1963 one of our jeeps was ambushed, I assume by North Korean soldiers. On this Memorial Day, I would like to remember two of my fellow soldiers that I served with when I was in Korea. I did not know them very well because we lived in different Quonset huts, worked different shifts and I had only been at the base a few weeks. They were both about my age – I was 20 at the time. PFC Charley Dessart and Pvt David Seiler were killed by small arms fire. The third member of the group was wounded and I am sorry I do not remember his name. He was shot 13 times and a hand grenade exploded in the mud 2 feet from his head, but he survived. Their jeep has about 130 bullet holes.

They renamed the guard posts in our sector after the two young soldiers that died. It was a sad day for a lot of people. Some day we may learn how to live together peacefully. Until then our children will keep making the honorable sacrifice to defend our way of life. A thankful and happy Memorial Day to all.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Federal Government

In the United States we have a federal system of government in which the governing responsibilities are divided between the Federal Government and state governments. Article 1 of our constitution creates the legislative branch of our Federal Government, describes how Congress should be created, describes the kinds of laws that Congress is prohibited from enacting, and explains the type of laws congress can enact. The types of laws Congress can enact are specified by what is normally called enumerated powers. Additionally, Congress can also make laws because of implied powers assumed by the “necessary and proper” clause of Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution.

Prohibited laws include keeping anyone imprisoned without being charged with a crime and the ability to punish someone for an action committed before a law against it was enacted. There are others.

Congress can levy taxes, borrow money, pay government debt, establish tariffs on imports and exports, create an army and navy, regulate commerce between nations and states and establish rules for naturalization.

Well, well, well. So, what happened? How did we get the Federal Government into our bathrooms?

When U.S Senators were appointed by state legislatures the states had more influence of laws passed in Washington, D.C. Members in the House of Representatives were given two year terms so that citizens they represented could change them, if they stopped fulfilling the wishes of the people. Today, every member in Congress has two jobs and only two jobs. Raising enough money to be re-elected and not letting anything change in Washington that could keep them from being re-elected.

What we have in fifty states is an opportunity to try laws, some with unwanted consequences. The rest of the states can take notice and not make the same mistakes. That is an efficient, smart system that allows minor changes without affecting the entire population of the country.

With the mass media we have and the advertising abilities of radio and television, the candidate with the most money, more often than not, wins the election. This means wealthy donors and corporations with deep pockets have tremendously more power than all the individual citizens combined. That means we have a government pleasing corporations and wealthy donors at the expense of the citizens. We are being left behind and no one in Washington cares.

A congressman from New York City can influence laws based on his big city experience that is detrimental to citizens in small cities around the country. The minimum wage is a good example. The cost of living is tremendously higher in Hollywood and New York City than it is in Deer Park, TX or Livingston, MT. States need to make laws that affect their state, cities need to make laws that affect their cities. Local governments need to make laws that affect their people. Local school districts need to make rules for their schools.

Housing and Urban Development and Washington lawyers are making housing decisions for every neighborhood in the country. Is this stupid or what?

We need a concerted effort to ease the Federal Government out of our lives. More to come.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Where Are We?

After seven and one half years under the most divisive President on the history of our country, life is getting confusing for many people, including me.

We have Donald Trump saying he is going to make America great again. We have Krystal Lake, a young lady that works at Home Depot in Staten Island wearing a hat that says “America Was Never Great.” Remember that was Michelle Obama’s opinion until her husband was elected President and she began to travel the world on our dime.

We have Paul Ryan that claims to be a conservative trying to pass a budget with more spending that the biggest spending President in our history asked for in his budget proposal.

We spent the better part of the last year listening to Republican presidential candidates argue about who was the most conservative. Do we even remember what conservatives stand for anymore? It’s getting fuzzy.

We have China and Russia making war threats against us and challenging our Navy and Air Force ships and aviators while our President reduces the size of our military to pre-WWII levels.

We have people at the University of Michigan trying to convince white pre-kindergarten children they would be better off as black adults.

We claim to be a moral society and the leading cause of death in this country is aborting babies.

We have “Black Lives Matter” protest groups parading in the streets and disrupting traffic and branding anyone outside the group that thinks their own life matters as racists.

After 8,000 years of civilized society and about 250 years trying to civilize this country, we are now being instructed about how to go to the bathroom.

We have a President and his administration trying to force the Washington Redskins to change their offensive name when most of the Indians in the country are not offended.

Two-thirds of American families cannot manage a $1,000 emergency. Could it be because 20% of families have no one working? Who do you suppose got those millions of jobs Obama created?

We have Veterans dying trying to get into VA hospitals, while the Obama administration is giving welfare to all the illegal aliens he invited over the border. Do you remember anyone at the VA being fired for falsifying wait-time records? No you do not – these dunderheads are still receiving their bonuses.

Mark Zuckerberg is courting conservatives over complains about unfairness of Facebook. Why should they be the only one that is fair? Fairness does not seem to be a criterion for anyone anymore.

U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen ordered attorneys working for Obama’s Department of Justice to attend annual ethics classes because of the lies, misrepresentations and obfuscations the attorneys used concerning an Obama immigration executive order. Not much good news friends.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Barack Obama’s legacy will be violence in the United States of America. Violence will be how he is remembered. I heard what he said when he was first elected. His rise to the presidency and actions he has taken as President were similar to how other dictators got into power. But he was President of the United States. He corralled the press and got them shilling for him. He has made lying commonplace in order to pass unwanted legislation. He and his staff stonewall and ridicule every investigation into their activities and claims there is not a hint of corruption. What he says in public, you can count on his supporters doing the opposite in the background. I predicted when he got elected, he was going for a dictatorship. That possibility still exists.

Obama was a successful community organizer. He used Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” as a bible and brought the techniques with him to the presidency. Now he had big money to spend – our tax money to continue implementation of his plan. Bring in Cass Sunstein and his “Nudge” techniques and Obama was able to make continuous small changes that warranted no protests. A small tweak here today and a small tweak over there tomorrow and we have the set-up for chaos.

I suppose all of my readers are aware that Obama recently signed an executive order called the National Defense Resources Preparedness order. It allows him to declare martial law when he deems it is necessary and gives him exclusive control over every aspect of our lives. If you do not believe me, Google “Obama and Martial Law” or the executive order itself.

Obama is the most divisive President we have had in my lifetime. Other presidents have been for all the people in the United States. Obama has made it clear he only supports those that share his world view. Every opportunity he had to choose a side between criminals and the police, he chose the criminals. His denigration of the police forces around the country and his Justice Department taking over and disbanding police departments around the country has our police officers in turmoil. Democrat mayors are working hard all over the country to minimize the police officers. Police officers are now hesitant to do their job, because they do not trust their leadership to support them.

Obama has also flooded this country with young gang-age immigrants at a rate of about 4,000 per month. He is allowing entry for any alien adult, regardless of their criminal history. Obama has brought in about 10,000,000 illegal immigrants during his seven years in office. He brought them here with no jobs and no job prospects. You already see them in the streets waving Mexican flags and protesting.

Then he began releasing criminals from prison. I expect he will have over 10,000 more felons loose on the streets to cause mayhem before he leaves office.

George Soros is spending millions of dollars this year to pay protester to join the “Black Lives Matter” crowd in the streets this year. Look for it to start soon. Van Jones and others have been organizing protesters since he left the White House six years ago.

Obama has always claimed that the only terrorists are white militias in this country. He does not see the Muslim terrorist. He does not see the “Black Lives Matter” terrorists. He does not see the Hispanic rioters as terrorists. His only terrorists he sees are the people that oppose him. If we stay out of the streets I suspect the riots we see between now and election time will not be enough for him to enact the martial law he hoped to accomplish. Stay home. Disappoint him. Stay home. Do not fight back openly.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Good Things about Obama

I have made it clear over the last few years that I am not a fan of President Obama. My criticism is more about his policies than it is about the man himself. In this post, I am going to try and look at the good things about him. Most of you already know these things as well as I do, but it is worth reflecting. If you want to make comments about this post you are welcome. I encourage Obama supporters to be factual and I ask Obama dissenters to refrain from snide remarks or tongue-in-cheek comments. I prefer to dwell on good attributes. Please read with positive intent. Thanks. Here we go.

President Obama has a devoted constituency that follows and supports him under any circumstances. With his encouragement he gets near 100% of votes from Black people in his elections.

He is a great speaker. He has a practiced and deliberate delivery technique that persuades a lot of people to listen to him.

He is a devoted family man. Michelle speaks often in his support and speaks on causes she cares about and can influence as first lady. Two well-known, busy parents have done as much as they could to keep their daughters out of the spotlight. Malia and Sasha appear to be doing well in their unique surroundings, with all its challenges.

He is one of the most prolific fundraisers the Democrat party has ever had.

He was obviously an effective community organizer and brought some of those organization techniques with him to the White House.

He has written two books, “Dreams from My Father” and “The Audacity of Hope.”

He is devoted to his inner-circle of friends and does everything in his power to shield them from critics.

Besides being a community organizer, he was President of the Harvard Law Review, a political science lecturer at Harvard University, a state Senator in Illinois and a United States Senator before becoming President.

He prefers to act to get things done and fights most of his battles with the opposition after the fact, instead of before. 

He has brought race-relations to the forefront in American conversation. It is sometime riotous and sometimes uncomfortable, but the conversations are worth having.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Message from John Schubert

The following was written by my friend, John Schubert in response to a Facebook posting with Rob Reiner calling Trump and his followers racists. I think John was succinct, logical and thoughtful – all of which sometimes I am not. I got John’s permission to re-post his statement to share with a larger group of readers.

As most of you are probably already aware, I support Donald Trump for president. While I'm not always crazy about some of his theatrics, I still believe he has America's best interest at heart. He's not a 'polished politician' as other past candidates have been, but I have to say I find that a bit refreshing. Trump is not a perfect candidate, but then, when did we ever have one of those.

While we can argue about his faults and attributes all day long, there's one claim that his detractors hang on him that infuriates me ... that he's a "racist"!
I have paid very close attention to what Donald Trump has been saying and I haven't heard him say anything that is racist.

The main reason I support Trump is that I feel we need a president who puts America and Americans FIRST. We haven't seen that for many years now and I think it's time our government stops trying to be a nanny to every other country in the world. We have a national deficit of almost $20 trillion and there are Americans (and particularly our veterans) who are in need of housing, medical attention, food, etc. and Obama has chosen to ignore them, giving billions of dollars to illegals and people of other nations. Why is he doing this? 

All indications are that Obama has a profound dislike for America in general and he feels we "owe it to other countries to take care of them first ... if our own citizens must suffer in the process, then so be it". We saw this side of him when he went on his infamous apology tour. He sees himself as the world's savior and feels that America has been the cause of much of the world's problems.
Along comes Donald Trump, a man who stands for America and American values and is immediately branded a hateful racist, simply because he believes in putting Americans FIRST. When did it become "racist" to provide care for our own before caring for others? Trump did NOT say that ALL Mexicans were murders and rapists ... he said that there were "many murderers, rapists and drugs coming across our border along with the many good people", which happens to be true. You CANNOT deny the number of crimes being committed by illegal aliens in our country. The liberals took his words and twisted them to claim Trump said that 'all the Mexicans are murderers and rapists' which is simply not true.

Mr. Trump has also called for the banning of refugees from predominately Muslim countries until we find a way to verify who is being brought into our country. His call for the ban is timely and valid considering what we see happening in European countries and also the incidents we've had happen in our own country. His reasoning is NOT that he 'hates' Muslims but that he wants to protect the American people (imagine that!!!). How anyone sees this as being racist is so beyond my comprehension that I cannot even imagine!!!

I am one American who believes that the race card has been played far too often and too loosely. Liberals and many people of color use it quite often to brand others who do not subscribe to their liberal beliefs and agenda. When they fail to defend and justify their liberal agenda, they simply play the race card to shut down any and all dissenting views. The race card has been so over-played and for so many reasons that I no longer give a damn if I am called a racist. That label has been so misused that it has lost its original meaning.

Those who freely play the race card are a VERY BIG part of our problems in America and should be ashamed of themselves for doing so!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Message to Congress

This message is mostly for Republican congress persons that turned a deaf ear to their constituents and continue to do so. A little recent history.

Barack Obama became President in 2010 and both houses of congress were controlled by Democrats. Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi used every dirty trick they could to force Obamacare on the country with no Republican input and no Republican votes. That congress ran roughshod over the Republicans on the budgets and even more spending on TARP. Democrats increased the size of the budget and the size of federal government by 25%. Voters were furious.

The next election was heavily influenced by Tea Party members who were mostly conservative Republicans. Republicans won a landslide in the house and went from the minority party to the majority by a margin of 33 Republican representatives. Immediately, Trent Lott contacted John Boehner and told him they needed to rein in the newly elected Tea Party members so they could continue business as usual. Republican leadership would not listen to the people and they shouted it loudly.

John Boehner did everything Obama asked him to do and marginalized the conservative members of his contingent. His excuse was that Republicans had to also win the Senate to have a chance to stop Obama initiatives. The problem is Boehner did not try to negotiate a better deal – he conceded at his first opportunity. Again, the voters were furious.

The election of 2014 John Boehner’s second in command, Eric Cantor was challenged in the Republican primary and defeated. Republicans won enough seats to retake the majority in the Senate. With John Boehner as Republican leader in the House and Mitch McConnell Republican leader in the Senate there was still no effort to stop anything Obama wanted to do. I am not talking about results; I am talking about opposition effort. There was none. Again the voters were furious.

John Boehner was forced to resign and leaving behind a budget that gave Obama everything he wanted, again. Paul Ryan became the new Speaker of the House. Ryan restructured the house leadership positions to give a voice to the freedom caucus, whose nucleus was the Team Party members in the house. Still nothing changed. Paul Ryan’s latest budget proposal was even more than Obama requested. He could not get it passed and nothing seems to be happening in the Republican led Congress. The voters are still furious.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, both outcasts by Washington elites, got about 75% of the 2016 Republican primary votes and delegates, with Donald Trump finally becoming the presumptive Republican nominee for the upcoming election. The public has spoken again – we want someone that will actually do something. Next came a host of Republican Congresspersons, led by Paul Ryan that declared they would not support Donald Trump. HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET? The people have spoken and Republicans in Washington are completely oblivious. We want The Donald and we do not want you. I will vote against almost every Republican candidate that has a primary challenger, with very few exceptions. I want them gone.

If they continue to vote like Democrats, why do we need them? We obviously do not. Someone better start listening to the people. I hope Trump completes the destruction of the Republican Party which is garnering stupidity among its leadership causing the Republican party to be useless and ineffective. Change is coming – ready or not.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Message for Never Trump

I made it clear that I wanted Ted Cruz to be our next president. Now that option is gone and the majority of people that will support the Republican candidate have selected Donald Trump as their nominee for the office. I will support Donald Trump and I will tell you why.

The never Trump crowd may have reason not to support Trump. Most of the reasons people have for none support for Trump as president result of words from his own mouth during the campaign. The conservatives hear his plans about healthcare for everyone and his non-confrontation stance on gay rights and assume he is not conservative enough for them. Hispanics heard his words about murders and rapists entering the country illegally from Mexico. If the Hispanic population does not know this is true, they are not paying attention. Obama culls no one. Obama sees every illegal coming into the country as a future Democrat vote. He will not even let the Border Patrol refuse entry to murders and rapists. Trump has said offensive things about some of the well-known women in our country. None of these women deserve to be degraded publicly, regardless of excuses used for justification.

What people need to understand is that Donald Trump was a long-shot and an unlikely choice for a presidential candidate. He knew that when he announced. He also knew that he needed to be considered a serious candidate. To get people's attention, he had to keep himself in the news. He made bold and often offensive statements to do exactly that. Unlike all the other candidates, Trump never refused an interview. He was willing to answer any question reporters or other people had regardless of the question. This is certainly different from our current president and the Democrat front-runner who like to plant questions and inquisitors to get their message out. Trump gave honest answers to honest questions, often times with unconsidered answers that caused a lot of controversy.

I am not sure what Trump's positions are. I do not think he knows either. He has been spending his time campaigning and was further behind with his political knowledge than any other candidate. I know he is smart – there are few stupid billionaires. He had a good education and has a successful business. He has raised children that are an asset to the world. He has always been smart enough to hire good people. If he is elected, I would expect him to do the same as president. I also expect him to keep fighting with his advisers to make his opinion known. Will he compromise? Has he not always done so? Why would that change.

A few things I know for sure. Democrat economic policies are guaranteed to keep us in the doldrums as long as they are in power. John Kennedy and Bill Clinton are the only modern-day Democrats that understood how the economy works. We have run up a $20 trillion deficit, half of that under our current president. We go $500 billion more in debt each year. We need new and better economic policies. The world will not recover until the United States recovers. People need jobs.

Democrat Attorneys-General have begun suing companies that do not support climate change. The EPA has shut down and slowed business in all facets of our job creating industries. Our taxes are the highest of any industrial country. All job killers.

Another Democrat president will continue filling our country with illegal aliens, knowing they will eventually become Democrat voters. The debt will increase until our government fails. The Supreme Court will be stacked with Justices that will nullify state's rights. There will never be another Republican President. We will be at the mercy of every politically-correct fanatic with another radical idea. I do not think we will have a country we want to live in. Our future is up to us.