Sunday, May 15, 2016


Barack Obama’s legacy will be violence in the United States of America. Violence will be how he is remembered. I heard what he said when he was first elected. His rise to the presidency and actions he has taken as President were similar to how other dictators got into power. But he was President of the United States. He corralled the press and got them shilling for him. He has made lying commonplace in order to pass unwanted legislation. He and his staff stonewall and ridicule every investigation into their activities and claims there is not a hint of corruption. What he says in public, you can count on his supporters doing the opposite in the background. I predicted when he got elected, he was going for a dictatorship. That possibility still exists.

Obama was a successful community organizer. He used Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” as a bible and brought the techniques with him to the presidency. Now he had big money to spend – our tax money to continue implementation of his plan. Bring in Cass Sunstein and his “Nudge” techniques and Obama was able to make continuous small changes that warranted no protests. A small tweak here today and a small tweak over there tomorrow and we have the set-up for chaos.

I suppose all of my readers are aware that Obama recently signed an executive order called the National Defense Resources Preparedness order. It allows him to declare martial law when he deems it is necessary and gives him exclusive control over every aspect of our lives. If you do not believe me, Google “Obama and Martial Law” or the executive order itself.

Obama is the most divisive President we have had in my lifetime. Other presidents have been for all the people in the United States. Obama has made it clear he only supports those that share his world view. Every opportunity he had to choose a side between criminals and the police, he chose the criminals. His denigration of the police forces around the country and his Justice Department taking over and disbanding police departments around the country has our police officers in turmoil. Democrat mayors are working hard all over the country to minimize the police officers. Police officers are now hesitant to do their job, because they do not trust their leadership to support them.

Obama has also flooded this country with young gang-age immigrants at a rate of about 4,000 per month. He is allowing entry for any alien adult, regardless of their criminal history. Obama has brought in about 10,000,000 illegal immigrants during his seven years in office. He brought them here with no jobs and no job prospects. You already see them in the streets waving Mexican flags and protesting.

Then he began releasing criminals from prison. I expect he will have over 10,000 more felons loose on the streets to cause mayhem before he leaves office.

George Soros is spending millions of dollars this year to pay protester to join the “Black Lives Matter” crowd in the streets this year. Look for it to start soon. Van Jones and others have been organizing protesters since he left the White House six years ago.

Obama has always claimed that the only terrorists are white militias in this country. He does not see the Muslim terrorist. He does not see the “Black Lives Matter” terrorists. He does not see the Hispanic rioters as terrorists. His only terrorists he sees are the people that oppose him. If we stay out of the streets I suspect the riots we see between now and election time will not be enough for him to enact the martial law he hoped to accomplish. Stay home. Disappoint him. Stay home. Do not fight back openly.

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  1. I am past the feeling of amazement that Obama's followers do not know he uses Saul Alinsky's ideas as part of his handbook. His supporters who are aware and still support him are the ones you mentioned. The militia types, the rioters, the criminals. In the same way there are people who support the ideas of George Soros but mostly I see ignorant people who are not even aware of their own transgressions and they support Soros inadvertently. These are the sheep. One sheep is not a problem but there are so many and the anti-Americans, non-patriots, liberal congress (for years I have watched congressmen in California openly raising anger in crowds of people telling them to take back California for the country just south of us. Criminals of all kinds, drug dealers and killers fund these ideas) get the votes from the sheep and they get them into the street when they rise up against what has made America great. They are against what is right and good.