Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Message for Never Trump

I made it clear that I wanted Ted Cruz to be our next president. Now that option is gone and the majority of people that will support the Republican candidate have selected Donald Trump as their nominee for the office. I will support Donald Trump and I will tell you why.

The never Trump crowd may have reason not to support Trump. Most of the reasons people have for none support for Trump as president result of words from his own mouth during the campaign. The conservatives hear his plans about healthcare for everyone and his non-confrontation stance on gay rights and assume he is not conservative enough for them. Hispanics heard his words about murders and rapists entering the country illegally from Mexico. If the Hispanic population does not know this is true, they are not paying attention. Obama culls no one. Obama sees every illegal coming into the country as a future Democrat vote. He will not even let the Border Patrol refuse entry to murders and rapists. Trump has said offensive things about some of the well-known women in our country. None of these women deserve to be degraded publicly, regardless of excuses used for justification.

What people need to understand is that Donald Trump was a long-shot and an unlikely choice for a presidential candidate. He knew that when he announced. He also knew that he needed to be considered a serious candidate. To get people's attention, he had to keep himself in the news. He made bold and often offensive statements to do exactly that. Unlike all the other candidates, Trump never refused an interview. He was willing to answer any question reporters or other people had regardless of the question. This is certainly different from our current president and the Democrat front-runner who like to plant questions and inquisitors to get their message out. Trump gave honest answers to honest questions, often times with unconsidered answers that caused a lot of controversy.

I am not sure what Trump's positions are. I do not think he knows either. He has been spending his time campaigning and was further behind with his political knowledge than any other candidate. I know he is smart – there are few stupid billionaires. He had a good education and has a successful business. He has raised children that are an asset to the world. He has always been smart enough to hire good people. If he is elected, I would expect him to do the same as president. I also expect him to keep fighting with his advisers to make his opinion known. Will he compromise? Has he not always done so? Why would that change.

A few things I know for sure. Democrat economic policies are guaranteed to keep us in the doldrums as long as they are in power. John Kennedy and Bill Clinton are the only modern-day Democrats that understood how the economy works. We have run up a $20 trillion deficit, half of that under our current president. We go $500 billion more in debt each year. We need new and better economic policies. The world will not recover until the United States recovers. People need jobs.

Democrat Attorneys-General have begun suing companies that do not support climate change. The EPA has shut down and slowed business in all facets of our job creating industries. Our taxes are the highest of any industrial country. All job killers.

Another Democrat president will continue filling our country with illegal aliens, knowing they will eventually become Democrat voters. The debt will increase until our government fails. The Supreme Court will be stacked with Justices that will nullify state's rights. There will never be another Republican President. We will be at the mercy of every politically-correct fanatic with another radical idea. I do not think we will have a country we want to live in. Our future is up to us.

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