Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Message from John Schubert

The following was written by my friend, John Schubert in response to a Facebook posting with Rob Reiner calling Trump and his followers racists. I think John was succinct, logical and thoughtful – all of which sometimes I am not. I got John’s permission to re-post his statement to share with a larger group of readers.

As most of you are probably already aware, I support Donald Trump for president. While I'm not always crazy about some of his theatrics, I still believe he has America's best interest at heart. He's not a 'polished politician' as other past candidates have been, but I have to say I find that a bit refreshing. Trump is not a perfect candidate, but then, when did we ever have one of those.

While we can argue about his faults and attributes all day long, there's one claim that his detractors hang on him that infuriates me ... that he's a "racist"!
I have paid very close attention to what Donald Trump has been saying and I haven't heard him say anything that is racist.

The main reason I support Trump is that I feel we need a president who puts America and Americans FIRST. We haven't seen that for many years now and I think it's time our government stops trying to be a nanny to every other country in the world. We have a national deficit of almost $20 trillion and there are Americans (and particularly our veterans) who are in need of housing, medical attention, food, etc. and Obama has chosen to ignore them, giving billions of dollars to illegals and people of other nations. Why is he doing this? 

All indications are that Obama has a profound dislike for America in general and he feels we "owe it to other countries to take care of them first ... if our own citizens must suffer in the process, then so be it". We saw this side of him when he went on his infamous apology tour. He sees himself as the world's savior and feels that America has been the cause of much of the world's problems.
Along comes Donald Trump, a man who stands for America and American values and is immediately branded a hateful racist, simply because he believes in putting Americans FIRST. When did it become "racist" to provide care for our own before caring for others? Trump did NOT say that ALL Mexicans were murders and rapists ... he said that there were "many murderers, rapists and drugs coming across our border along with the many good people", which happens to be true. You CANNOT deny the number of crimes being committed by illegal aliens in our country. The liberals took his words and twisted them to claim Trump said that 'all the Mexicans are murderers and rapists' which is simply not true.

Mr. Trump has also called for the banning of refugees from predominately Muslim countries until we find a way to verify who is being brought into our country. His call for the ban is timely and valid considering what we see happening in European countries and also the incidents we've had happen in our own country. His reasoning is NOT that he 'hates' Muslims but that he wants to protect the American people (imagine that!!!). How anyone sees this as being racist is so beyond my comprehension that I cannot even imagine!!!

I am one American who believes that the race card has been played far too often and too loosely. Liberals and many people of color use it quite often to brand others who do not subscribe to their liberal beliefs and agenda. When they fail to defend and justify their liberal agenda, they simply play the race card to shut down any and all dissenting views. The race card has been so over-played and for so many reasons that I no longer give a damn if I am called a racist. That label has been so misused that it has lost its original meaning.

Those who freely play the race card are a VERY BIG part of our problems in America and should be ashamed of themselves for doing so!

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