Friday, May 6, 2016

Message to Congress

This message is mostly for Republican congress persons that turned a deaf ear to their constituents and continue to do so. A little recent history.

Barack Obama became President in 2010 and both houses of congress were controlled by Democrats. Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi used every dirty trick they could to force Obamacare on the country with no Republican input and no Republican votes. That congress ran roughshod over the Republicans on the budgets and even more spending on TARP. Democrats increased the size of the budget and the size of federal government by 25%. Voters were furious.

The next election was heavily influenced by Tea Party members who were mostly conservative Republicans. Republicans won a landslide in the house and went from the minority party to the majority by a margin of 33 Republican representatives. Immediately, Trent Lott contacted John Boehner and told him they needed to rein in the newly elected Tea Party members so they could continue business as usual. Republican leadership would not listen to the people and they shouted it loudly.

John Boehner did everything Obama asked him to do and marginalized the conservative members of his contingent. His excuse was that Republicans had to also win the Senate to have a chance to stop Obama initiatives. The problem is Boehner did not try to negotiate a better deal – he conceded at his first opportunity. Again, the voters were furious.

The election of 2014 John Boehner’s second in command, Eric Cantor was challenged in the Republican primary and defeated. Republicans won enough seats to retake the majority in the Senate. With John Boehner as Republican leader in the House and Mitch McConnell Republican leader in the Senate there was still no effort to stop anything Obama wanted to do. I am not talking about results; I am talking about opposition effort. There was none. Again the voters were furious.

John Boehner was forced to resign and leaving behind a budget that gave Obama everything he wanted, again. Paul Ryan became the new Speaker of the House. Ryan restructured the house leadership positions to give a voice to the freedom caucus, whose nucleus was the Team Party members in the house. Still nothing changed. Paul Ryan’s latest budget proposal was even more than Obama requested. He could not get it passed and nothing seems to be happening in the Republican led Congress. The voters are still furious.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, both outcasts by Washington elites, got about 75% of the 2016 Republican primary votes and delegates, with Donald Trump finally becoming the presumptive Republican nominee for the upcoming election. The public has spoken again – we want someone that will actually do something. Next came a host of Republican Congresspersons, led by Paul Ryan that declared they would not support Donald Trump. HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET? The people have spoken and Republicans in Washington are completely oblivious. We want The Donald and we do not want you. I will vote against almost every Republican candidate that has a primary challenger, with very few exceptions. I want them gone.

If they continue to vote like Democrats, why do we need them? We obviously do not. Someone better start listening to the people. I hope Trump completes the destruction of the Republican Party which is garnering stupidity among its leadership causing the Republican party to be useless and ineffective. Change is coming – ready or not.

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