Thursday, June 23, 2016

Article V Convention of States Progress

Almost everyone in the country agrees that Congress and Congress persons are not doing their jobs. Their approval rating has been in single digits or low double digits for many years. Congress no longer represents the majority of people in this country. They are only beholding to big money donors and corporations that finance their campaigns. Our Federal Government will never get better, if the Washington elites keep making decisions. Well, there is another way to get their attention.

Article V of the Constitution provides two ways to change the Constitution. First, a 2/3 majority of both houses of Congress can propose amendments to the Constitution. The second means is for 2/3 of the states to pass resolutions requesting Congress to call a convention. This means 34 out of fifty states must pass resolutions. In either case ratification can be by state legislatures of ¾ of the states or conventions in ¾ of the states.

Thirty-seven of the 50 states have proposed a resolution calling for an Article V Convention during the current session. So far, Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Indiana and Tennessee have passed resolutions. These resolutions are open ended and are only closed when the minimum number of states have responded and the convention is finally called.  Arizona, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia have passed a resolution in only one house. More will come. The movement seems to be gathering steam.

The resolutions usually specify what the convention can be convened to include, such as amendments that put fiscal restraints on the federal government, enact term limits on Congress and limit federal power. No state would be foolish enough to ask for re-writing the entire Constitution. The resolution in Indiana also requests the National Archives and Records Administration to record and count the resolutions.

The Congress of the United States does not want to call an Article V Convention, because they know their jobs and power would be in jeopardy. There have been 573 applications by 49 states for an Article V convention since 1789. The House of Representatives will not record them. There have been at least two bills proposed in the House to call an Article V Convention. So far all of them have been referred to the Judiciary Committee where the resolutions have died.

There is more pressure now than ever before on Congress to do something. The states resolutions cannot continue to be ignored, if we speak up. They cannot ignore all the people all the time.

More information is available from the “Friends of an Article Five Convention.” Their website is There is also information and a petition available from Convention of States at Please sign the petition and help make a difference to reign in the federal government which no longer represents the majority of people in the country. You can also just google convention of states petition and Google will find it for you.

This may be the only chance we have to put some restraint on the Federal Government and recover states’ rights as the framers of the Constitution intended. Please be part of the solution.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Life After Obama

We are getting an inkling about how our life is going to be after Obama leaves office. I have predicted that we will have increased violence in our streets. We are having it right now, but most of the bad news is being suppressed by Obama, the Obama administration, Obama himself and the media. If we elect a Republican as President in November, you can be sure the news media will discover the violence in our streets soon after the new President is inaugurated.

A few stories from yesterday:

This event actually happened the first part of June, but the mayor and city council of Twin Falls, ID are trying to suppress the story. Three Syrian refugees, ages 8, 10 and 13 stripped and raped a young girl with diminished capacity. The younger boys were being directed by the 13 year-old. Since the two younger boys could not ejaculate, they were instructed to urinate on the little girl. The police were called and it took them over two hours to respond. When the police showed up, they had a language barrier with the perpetrators, so no arrests were made. The dad of the 13-year-old congratulated him for his deed. Since all the people involved are juveniles, the record will be permanently sealed. Obama would have hidden it from us anyway since the perpetrators are Muslims.

South Korean intelligence has discovered that ISIS has gathered information about 77 air bases in the United States and other NATO countries. What do you think they plan to do with the information?

Retired Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez was delivering the oration at the flag folding ceremony for Master Sergeant Charles Roberson at his retirement. Rodriguez said “God” in his speech and was dragged off the stage by four airmen. The airmen were staged surrounding Rodriguez at the instructions of their commanding officer with instructions to remove Rodriguez, if he said “God.” You see, at the bequest of the Obama administration all the statements made at flag folding ceremonies and burials in national cemeteries have been re-written by the Pentagon to exclude God or any Christian language in their ceremonies. That is correct. The Obama administration has scrubbed God from the burials of Christian soldiers. This is the complete opposite of the intent of the founders of this country. People are constitutionally allowed to choose and practice any religion they please. Obama has interpreted that to mean Islam only.

Master Sergeant Rodriguez contacted the First Liberty Foundation and their lawyers are suing the Federal Government on his behalf. They are charging the government with violations of Rodriguez’ civil rights under the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments to our Constitution. The First Liberty Foundation usually supplies attorneys for free to schools, organizations and individuals who have their freedom of religion rights violated.

Loretta Lynch, our Attorney-General is having the FBI remove all references to ISIS and terrorism from the 911 calls from the terrorist that killed over 50 people in Orlando, FL. Because of a public uproar, Loretta Lynch changed her mind and published the entire transcripts without redactions. They still have not released the audio recordings. They have agreed to be transparent only if the public demands it.

This administration is using the power of the White House to hide the effect of their decisions from the public. They are having every branch of our government conceal all information that will make the administration look bad.

In Today’s news The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has openly accused the Obama administration of lying about the number of crimes committed by illegal aliens. They claim the number of crimes they are committing is ten times as much as is being reported. In 2014, 31,558 criminal aliens were released into this country by ICE. Their original crimes included murder, rape, assault and drunk driving. Since their release they have enacted 13,288 additional crimes, including murder, rape, assault and drunk driving – surprise, surprise surprise.  FAIR estimates over 85,000 crimes have been done by released criminal illegal aliens in the last three years and the most transparent administration in history is hiding the facts from us.

Like I implied earlier, we will never get the truth from the media as long as we have a Democrat President. But, the media will try and crucify any Republican President with the facts and blame all the Democrat failures on the Republicans – business as usual.

Obama is trying to fill our country with future Democrat voters. He is trying to get rid of the white majority – the very definition of racism. He is using our tax money illegally to pay people to come here illegally. He is filling our streets with rapists, drug dealers and murderers. Muslim terrorists are given the welcome mat by Barack Hussein Obama. Obama and his administration is a disgrace to law abiding Americans; not because he is Black, but because he has presided over the most secretive administration in our history. He hides the fact on a daily basis that he has created a much more dangerous atmosphere for law-abiding citizens on the streets of the United States.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Words Matter

I have had several Facebook discussions with friends this week following the shooting in Orlando, FL in which over 50 people were shot by a Muslim man using an AR-15 rifle. I was chastised and ridiculed by some of my friends for thinking words matter. To be specific I was arguing that Obama never used the words Islamic terrorist. They were trying to convince me that the term Obama used was not the issue. I think it is exactly the issue.

Obama chooses his words very carefully. That is why he uses a teleprompter most of the time instead of speaking from his heart and mind. Why does Obama and his administration say ISIL instead of ISIS which almost everyone else in the world uses. Do you really think this is an arbitrary decision? I personally do not think so. I think the term ISIL is furtherance of Obama’s agenda.

You see, ISIS stands the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. Obama with his teachings from his Muslim father related in his “Dreams From My Father” memoir put his Muslim leaning tendencies on display. His use of ISIL goes all the way back to the Ottoman Empire. ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Is it just words or do his words mean something? The Levant is all of the eastern Mediterranean territory and the nearby islands. The Levant includes, Cypress, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Turkey. Why do you suppose Obama wants to assign a bigger area to ISIS than ISIS claimed for themselves? Do you suppose there is a hidden agenda here?

Every time this administration talks about terrorists, they talk about right wing terrorists and right wing militias. Even though these groups are not currently attacking us they are called terrorists by this administration. On the other hand, he will not use the term Islamic terrorist. If the words do not matter, why does Obama adamantly refuse to use them. The reason he will not use the term is because he would have to admit his fight against ISIS is a complete failure. He would have to stop letting Muslim immigrants and the terrorists that are coming in with them into the country. He would have to start looking at mosques and Islamic neighborhoods for terrorists, instead of looking in the gun stores for the perpetrators. Words matter.

Obama and the Democrats that follow him blindly all say that the term he uses for terrorists is irrelevant. If it is really irrelevant, then why will he not say it. I am really disappointed with some of my Facebook friends that are blind followers of this man.

Another discussion related to the same Orlando incident has been about assault weapons. Many want all weapons that use a clip to be banned. The only weapon I have used that has a clip is an M-1 rifle. I assume they are talking about the magazines used in civilian AR-15 rifles. So I assume anything with a magazine is an assault weapon. They are coming after you 9 mm next.

There were even claims that the shooter fired 700 rounds in three minutes. When a gun owner explained it was impossible with a semi-automatic rifle and that the maximum firepower of an AR-15 was about 250 rounds in three minutes under ideal conditions. The anti-gun enthusiast said that was only semantics. Well, semantics is the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. That means words matter. Seven hundred RPM and 250 RPM are facts – no semantics there. Words matter.

Words matter. If they do not matter to you, why avoid using them. Why cover up for an ideologue with a hidden agenda. The argument is always you are just a racist Republican. Do those words matter to anyone? Why do I have to be a racist to disagree with an ideologue that shows preference for Muslims?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I am proud of who I am. I think everyone should be proud of their heritage. As human beings living in a free country, we have an opportunity to be who we want to be. Many people do not like the family they came from and try to make their own lives better. I think that is what we are supposed to do, whether you like where you came from or you do not like where you came from. Make it better. Make it even better for your children. Make it possible for you children to have more opportunity than you had. That should be what responsible adults do.

My wife Kathi came from Oklahoma. Her ancestors are Scottish and Choctaw. I have been in Texas all my life. My ancestors were Swiss and Scottish. One of the first Boozers in this country was Ulrich Buser who moved from Switzerland to South Carolina. We are primarily from central European stock and we are proud of who we are. We had loving parents who did the best they could with what they had. Kathi and I tried to improve our lives for our children. More jobs available, more innovation and more education helped us along the way.

Mexicans that come to this country flying Mexican flags are proud of their heritage also. Puerto Ricans are proud people. More than one has told me they do not like being called Mexican, not because they do not like Mexicans, but because they are proud to be Puerto Ricans. They should be. Black people are proud of their race and they should be. Black people came to the US from many different countries. Italians migrated to the United States and usually clustered near other Italians. The same is true for most nationalities that come here. It is normal for people to want to be among people most like themselves, until they assimilate with their surroundings. Many Irish families migrated to the United States during the Irish famine in the mid-1800s. Many Chinese immigrants came here and helped build our railroads. They are still coming.

We live in a country of immigrants. There are people living in the United States from every country in the world. The immigrants that are the most successful are the ones that take advantage of their natural skills and abilities and assimilate with their neighbors. People that stay in enclaves of people just like themselves and do not try to assimilate have a harder time coping, no matter where they come from or in which country they settle.

We have school districts that have to teach in 70 languages. Can you imagine how hard it would be to find qualified teachers that could make all your students successful. Wherever people migrate, they will be more successful if they speak the local language. Language is the basic way we learn to cope with each other.

Pride in your race, pride in your country of origin, pride in your family origin and pride in yourself is good. Pride is one of the means we use to stabilize ourselves and preserve our mental health. Immigrants should also show pride in their new country, otherwise what is the purpose of moving here? No one moves her to get a worse life.

We are trying to assimilate a lot of people in the US of A right now. It is causing difficulty and resentment for a lot of the immigrants and their neighbors. It is causing a lot of resentment of our government. With government policies causing fewer jobs to be created, we have less and less people working to support more and more people who are trying to take their jobs and lower their wages. This may be smart for immigrants, but it is stupid for a government, unless the government purpose is to collapse the economy. We could do a better job preparing immigrants for success.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Problem with Trump

The problem with Donald Trump is the Republican party. Remember my posts from months ago called “Republicans Are Stupid”? Now many of them are working hard to prove my point.

Republicans, do you have any idea about the Democrat voting philosophy? To get a Democrat vote, all you have to do is put a (D) after a candidate’s name. Democrats do not care if a candidate has been in jail. Democrats do not care if a candidate was a KKK leader. Democrats do not care if a candidate is indicted. Democrats do not care if a candidate is corrupt. Democrats do not care if a candidate does not pay taxes. Democrats do not care if a candidate is rich. Democrats do not care if their candidates are pedophiles. Democrats do not care if their candidate associates with pedophiles. Democrats do not care if a candidate sells favors for donations. All Democrats care about is if you have a (D) after a candidate’s name.

Democrats vote in a bloc. But wait. What about the Bernie supporters that will not vote for Hillary? Easy answer. The only Bernie supporters that will not vote for Hillary have never voted in a national election in their lives. The hardest vote they ever made was who would be class president. Democrats that normally vote will vote for the candidate with a (D) after their name – period.

Now Republicans are different. We are smarter than Democrats. We actually think about things. In fact, we are so smart that many of us voted for Ross Perot and allowed Bill Clinton to get elected instead of a second term for Bush 41. Republicans are so smart they used a financial crisis as an excuse to jump ship on John McCain, allowing Obama to get into office the first time. Who the hell do you think would have a better chance to solve the financial crisis – McCain or Obama? How smart are Republicans. It appears to me, not very.

Mitt Romney was a weak choice for president, so many Republicans stayed home instead of voting. That smart choice gave us Obama’s second term. We got 20,000,000 illegal aliens, many of which began receiving government assistance the day they arrived. We have streets full of felons Obama has released from jail. Our country will be $20,000,000,000,000 in debt the day Obama leaves office.

We have ceded 40 miles of our southern border to Mexican drug and kidnap gangs. Children in large cities are slaughtering each other. Muslim terrorists are flooding into our country claiming to be refugees. ISIS grows stronger by the day.

Meanwhile back in Republic ranks we are talking about:
Trump rode in an airplane with a pedophile.
Trump calls people names.
Trump is not a true conservative.
Trump is not really a religious person.
Trump told the truth about rapists and murders coming across our southern border, so he is racist.
Trump was married several times, so he hates women.

Even presidential candidates that swore to support the nominee will not vote for Trump. The problem with Trump is Republicans. I am sticking to my guns. Some Republicans are really, really stupid. We do not have a perfect candidate so let’s let someone get elected that will continue to destroy our country. Sorry Trump – you chose a party that would rather see their country destroyed than vote for a not so perfect candidate that could make a difference.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Repeal the 17th

A month or so ago I wrote a few posts about the Constitution, constitutional amendments and states’ rights. My position was and is that the 17th Amendment to our Constitution was a mistake. One of many missteps we have taken to circumvent the founders. Many of my readers are not familiar with all the amendments, so I will provide some background on the 17th amendment.

The Constitution, Article I, Section 3, clauses 1 & 2 describes how U. S. Senators get into office.  The founders of this country were much against a strong Federal Government. They expected a true federal system of government which limited the Federal Government to the enumerated and implied powers granted by the Constitution. All other lawmaking was to belong to the states and states’ legislatures. The founders provided that U.S. Senators would be appointed by state legislatures. The senators would then come home on weekends and get direction from the states on how to vote on any particular piece of legislation.

This all changed in 1913 with the passage of the 17th Amendment. The 17th Amendment voids the Constitution, Article I, Section 3, clauses 1 & 2. This amendment changed election of U. S. Senators from legislative appointments to a popular vote by the people.

Since that time Senators in Washington have been led by special interests and not guided by the states or their constituents. In other words, they follow the money. Now the country is at the mercy of big donors who pump money into the coffers of sitting Senators. Their constituents have ceased to be the people of the states they represent and their constituents have become the wealthiest among us and the corporation that have their own interests in mind.

This results in bureaucracies created by Congress that infringe on states’ rights on a daily basis with the EPA being one of the more egregious agencies. We also have the TSA, the Justice Department and IRS stomping on states’ and individual rights.

Finally, another government entity has discovered the problem. The state senate in Utah just passed SRJ2 asking the United States Congress to repeal the 17th amendment. The Utah senate voted 20-6 to pass the bill.

The following is a quotation from Utah state senator Alvin Jackson arguing for the repeal of the 17th Amendment. “States are supposed to protect the people from a runaway Federal Government.” Jackson continues, “We need to make sure states are represented in Washington, D. C. We think they are, but they are not.”

I agree with the senator from Utah. Washington does not represent me and my peers. We complain about the same people getting re-elected all the time. We would like to see new faces in Congress. Repeal of the 17th Amendment could solve this problem. It could solve a lot of problems in this country. The people need their voices heard. The Tea Parties found out the hard way that power in Washington does not come from the people – a lesson most people learned in other ways.