Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Life After Obama

We are getting an inkling about how our life is going to be after Obama leaves office. I have predicted that we will have increased violence in our streets. We are having it right now, but most of the bad news is being suppressed by Obama, the Obama administration, Obama himself and the media. If we elect a Republican as President in November, you can be sure the news media will discover the violence in our streets soon after the new President is inaugurated.

A few stories from yesterday:

This event actually happened the first part of June, but the mayor and city council of Twin Falls, ID are trying to suppress the story. Three Syrian refugees, ages 8, 10 and 13 stripped and raped a young girl with diminished capacity. The younger boys were being directed by the 13 year-old. Since the two younger boys could not ejaculate, they were instructed to urinate on the little girl. The police were called and it took them over two hours to respond. When the police showed up, they had a language barrier with the perpetrators, so no arrests were made. The dad of the 13-year-old congratulated him for his deed. Since all the people involved are juveniles, the record will be permanently sealed. Obama would have hidden it from us anyway since the perpetrators are Muslims.

South Korean intelligence has discovered that ISIS has gathered information about 77 air bases in the United States and other NATO countries. What do you think they plan to do with the information?

Retired Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez was delivering the oration at the flag folding ceremony for Master Sergeant Charles Roberson at his retirement. Rodriguez said “God” in his speech and was dragged off the stage by four airmen. The airmen were staged surrounding Rodriguez at the instructions of their commanding officer with instructions to remove Rodriguez, if he said “God.” You see, at the bequest of the Obama administration all the statements made at flag folding ceremonies and burials in national cemeteries have been re-written by the Pentagon to exclude God or any Christian language in their ceremonies. That is correct. The Obama administration has scrubbed God from the burials of Christian soldiers. This is the complete opposite of the intent of the founders of this country. People are constitutionally allowed to choose and practice any religion they please. Obama has interpreted that to mean Islam only.

Master Sergeant Rodriguez contacted the First Liberty Foundation and their lawyers are suing the Federal Government on his behalf. They are charging the government with violations of Rodriguez’ civil rights under the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments to our Constitution. The First Liberty Foundation usually supplies attorneys for free to schools, organizations and individuals who have their freedom of religion rights violated.

Loretta Lynch, our Attorney-General is having the FBI remove all references to ISIS and terrorism from the 911 calls from the terrorist that killed over 50 people in Orlando, FL. Because of a public uproar, Loretta Lynch changed her mind and published the entire transcripts without redactions. They still have not released the audio recordings. They have agreed to be transparent only if the public demands it.

This administration is using the power of the White House to hide the effect of their decisions from the public. They are having every branch of our government conceal all information that will make the administration look bad.

In Today’s news The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has openly accused the Obama administration of lying about the number of crimes committed by illegal aliens. They claim the number of crimes they are committing is ten times as much as is being reported. In 2014, 31,558 criminal aliens were released into this country by ICE. Their original crimes included murder, rape, assault and drunk driving. Since their release they have enacted 13,288 additional crimes, including murder, rape, assault and drunk driving – surprise, surprise surprise.  FAIR estimates over 85,000 crimes have been done by released criminal illegal aliens in the last three years and the most transparent administration in history is hiding the facts from us.

Like I implied earlier, we will never get the truth from the media as long as we have a Democrat President. But, the media will try and crucify any Republican President with the facts and blame all the Democrat failures on the Republicans – business as usual.

Obama is trying to fill our country with future Democrat voters. He is trying to get rid of the white majority – the very definition of racism. He is using our tax money illegally to pay people to come here illegally. He is filling our streets with rapists, drug dealers and murderers. Muslim terrorists are given the welcome mat by Barack Hussein Obama. Obama and his administration is a disgrace to law abiding Americans; not because he is Black, but because he has presided over the most secretive administration in our history. He hides the fact on a daily basis that he has created a much more dangerous atmosphere for law-abiding citizens on the streets of the United States.

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