Friday, June 17, 2016

Words Matter

I have had several Facebook discussions with friends this week following the shooting in Orlando, FL in which over 50 people were shot by a Muslim man using an AR-15 rifle. I was chastised and ridiculed by some of my friends for thinking words matter. To be specific I was arguing that Obama never used the words Islamic terrorist. They were trying to convince me that the term Obama used was not the issue. I think it is exactly the issue.

Obama chooses his words very carefully. That is why he uses a teleprompter most of the time instead of speaking from his heart and mind. Why does Obama and his administration say ISIL instead of ISIS which almost everyone else in the world uses. Do you really think this is an arbitrary decision? I personally do not think so. I think the term ISIL is furtherance of Obama’s agenda.

You see, ISIS stands the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. Obama with his teachings from his Muslim father related in his “Dreams From My Father” memoir put his Muslim leaning tendencies on display. His use of ISIL goes all the way back to the Ottoman Empire. ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Is it just words or do his words mean something? The Levant is all of the eastern Mediterranean territory and the nearby islands. The Levant includes, Cypress, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Turkey. Why do you suppose Obama wants to assign a bigger area to ISIS than ISIS claimed for themselves? Do you suppose there is a hidden agenda here?

Every time this administration talks about terrorists, they talk about right wing terrorists and right wing militias. Even though these groups are not currently attacking us they are called terrorists by this administration. On the other hand, he will not use the term Islamic terrorist. If the words do not matter, why does Obama adamantly refuse to use them. The reason he will not use the term is because he would have to admit his fight against ISIS is a complete failure. He would have to stop letting Muslim immigrants and the terrorists that are coming in with them into the country. He would have to start looking at mosques and Islamic neighborhoods for terrorists, instead of looking in the gun stores for the perpetrators. Words matter.

Obama and the Democrats that follow him blindly all say that the term he uses for terrorists is irrelevant. If it is really irrelevant, then why will he not say it. I am really disappointed with some of my Facebook friends that are blind followers of this man.

Another discussion related to the same Orlando incident has been about assault weapons. Many want all weapons that use a clip to be banned. The only weapon I have used that has a clip is an M-1 rifle. I assume they are talking about the magazines used in civilian AR-15 rifles. So I assume anything with a magazine is an assault weapon. They are coming after you 9 mm next.

There were even claims that the shooter fired 700 rounds in three minutes. When a gun owner explained it was impossible with a semi-automatic rifle and that the maximum firepower of an AR-15 was about 250 rounds in three minutes under ideal conditions. The anti-gun enthusiast said that was only semantics. Well, semantics is the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. That means words matter. Seven hundred RPM and 250 RPM are facts – no semantics there. Words matter.

Words matter. If they do not matter to you, why avoid using them. Why cover up for an ideologue with a hidden agenda. The argument is always you are just a racist Republican. Do those words matter to anyone? Why do I have to be a racist to disagree with an ideologue that shows preference for Muslims?


  1. The writer of this blog entry/article raised me. He is my father. Since I was very young I knew that if I used a racist word he would have shot me a look that would have shamed me and that look would be permanently branded in my character. My mother has no tolerance for stupid racism either. They have been married for over fifty years and I know I would be nothing without the lessons they taught me. Whatever the opposite of a racist is, that is what I was raised to be.

  2. AJ, thanks for reading the blog and making a comment. I appreciate the praise. I wish I was a s good a person as you make me sound. Love you.