Friday, July 8, 2016

Stop It!

Racial Tensions are high. It is understandable. A Black man is shot by a white police officer and the next word out of many people’s mouths is racism. Well, it is not always racism, but try and tell that to the Black Lives Matter crowd. Their minds were made up before a shot was fired. Unfortunate.

The narrative with all the race baiters in the country is that most police officers are racists and want to shoot Black people. It is stupid, but it is their mantra.

Alton Sterling was shot on the streets of Baton Rouge, LA while two police officers were trying to apprehend him. Police were called because Sterling threatened someone with a gun. Multiple videos were taken by passersby and none of the videos showed everything that happened. What was obvious from the videos is that Sterling was struggling with the police officers and Sterling was shot. Was Sterling scared? I am sure he was. I would have been scared too. Were the police officer scared? How could they not be scared? They were trying to apprehend a man that reportedly had a gun. Of course they were scared. Sterling’s death was unfortunate, but I doubt that he died because two racist cops wanted to kill a Black man. Yet many jumped to that conclusion, knowing no more than I know.

In St. Paul, Minnesota Philandro Castile was shot by a white police officer while Castile was sitting in his car. Castile was pulled over for a broken tail light. Reportedly, Castile told the police officer he had a gun and was reaching for his wallet to produce his concealed carry permit. Was Castile scared? I do not have enough information to conclude that, but just being stopped by a police officer is cause for concern for many people. If Castile was taught that cops want to shoot Black people, then sure he was scared. Was the police officer scared? You better believe it. A man just confessed to having a gun and reached for something in his pockets. I would be scared.

Castile’s girlfriend took a video after the shooting. All the videos seem to get on the internet immediately. Every video and every eye witness have a story, but none of them show the entire story. I want to know the entire story before passing judgement.

Two Black men shot by police in two days put the Black Lives Matter crowd into the streets in many large cities. I do not mind peaceful protests in the streets, even though I think the protesters start before a shot is fired. They are anxious to shout racism. They look for excuses to shout racism.

Two dead Black men in two days killed by police officers should be a concern for everyone. I think it is. Most of us do not go to the streets to show our concern, but as human beings, we care.

Several snipers took advantage of the Black Lives Matter street protest in Dallas and five police officers were killed. At least six more were wounded on Thursday night. There may have been as many as nine snipers, but the exact number is unclear at this time. Three of the shooters are in custody. Police had an opportunity and reason to shoot them, but they did not shoot them. They apprehended them, arrested them and incarcerated them. You think any of these policemen were scared?

Stop It! Escalating the violence of unfortunate shooting is not a solution. Police get continuous training and can always use more training. One thing the police want to know is where your hands are. Very few people get hurt by police officers when they can see your hands. Every news cast in the world will show violent videos in the next few days. We do not have to act violently as a result. Stop It!

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