Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why Have a Military?

Why do we have a military in the United States? Why does any country need a military? What is the purpose of the military? Why do people fight? What is on a soldier’s mind when they are in a fire fight?

These seem like strange questions to me. I think the answers are obvious. I thought the sole purpose of the military was to fight and win. Obviously, I am wrong about that.

Right now the purpose of the military seems to be to do battle in a way that does not hurt the enemy’s feelings. I cannot imagine rules of engagement in a battle where I am told not to shoot back. Currently, the military seems to be a testing ground for social experimentation, where everyone must have an opportunity to participate, whether or not they are capable.

There are some logistical issues and additional expense having males and females serving in the same unit. I think each branch of the service should be able to best determine how to use the personnel available to them. I think there is room for everyone to participate, but I think it is foolish to think every individual is capable of achieving every objective.

I think the only purpose of the military is to fight. I also think the fight should be the last resort. Once the decision to fight is made, the only objective should be to win and to win as quickly as possible. I think you do that with overwhelming force. I think you fight in a manner that preserves your forces while depleting enemy forces. If you are going to be able to defeat any foe, you probably have a better chance to win, if you have more and better weapons, more people and better training than the enemy has.

I think after you win and only after you win you go home and let the enemy rebuild their territory and decide their own future, hopefully in a more cooperative atmosphere.

With those ideas in mind, I think the military should be inclusive. I think everyone that meets minimum standards, determined by military commanders, should be allowed to participate. Under no circumstances should standards be lowered to extend inclusion, unless not enough people are available.  I think you decide the size of force necessary and fill those spaces with the best people available to achieve military objectives.

I think the only thing enlisted personnel care about the other people in their unit is will they be willing and able to accomplish the tasks assigned to them. They fight for each other and not much else matters.


  1. Why didn't someone in charge of U. S. involvement overseas think of this before,

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  3. Democrats normally do not like the military. They certainly do not understand it.