Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Progressives and Democrats

I read that ABC news has banned American Flag lapel pins for their news staff on air. In Tallahassee, FL the elementary school students are being given notes to take home for parent signatures giving their child an opt-out option for saying the pledge of allegiance. If they opt out the student does not even have to stand while the pledge is being said by others. All over our country governments are banning flying the American flag. The Obama administrations has changed the language in the oath taken by naturalized citizens to have broad latitude for the reasons new citizens can choose not to defend this country.

Why are these thing going on? What is behind it?

There is a worldwide push of a progressive agenda that is almost never disclosed in entirety. The term we are using right now in the United States is “globalist” or “globalism.” Most Democrat leaders are globalist progressives who work very hard to hide their agenda from the Democrat voters in this country.

The biggest progressive players are the United Nations, George Soros and the Bilderberg Group. George Soros is one of the biggest players in a globalist push. He spends hundreds of millions annually to achieve his goals. Most of the Trump protesters are payed for by George Soros.  Are you familiar with the Bilderberg Group? If not, look them up. They are big players in what is going on in our world. They hold annual meetings with secret agendas and agree not to reveal the topics of their discussions. The group consists of most of the ultra-wealthy people and many influential politicians in the western world.

The progressive goals are open borders worldwide, pushing the climate change agenda to redistribute wealth from wealthy countries to poorer countries. They do not recognize hard work or individual desire to create a better life. They want social justice where everyone has the same outcome, regardless of their willingness to contribute.

Most Democrats do not pay enough attention to what is going on to even realize what is happening to their own party. They only know what they are told by newscasts and newspapers working to support the Democrat agenda.

Now back to my first paragraph. Why are these anti-American things happening? The answer is simple. Our Constitution is a hindrance to the progressive agenda. In other words, America as it has existed for 240 years must be destroyed. That is right. The progressives want to dismantle the most successful government in the history of the world and replace it with a socialist government similar to the European countries. In other words, all Americans are expected to be equally poor with only a class of elite leaders with wealth.

I am resisting. They cannot get rid of our Constitution if they do not get rid of the guns. The American people will not stand for it and they will fight back. They cannot get rid of our Constitution as long as the masses of people still have the Judeo-Christian values our country was founded on. Obama goes all over the world telling the lie that the United States was created on Muslim values. They have to diminish and destroy Christianity to get rid of our Constitution. I encourage you to pay attention.

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