Thursday, October 6, 2016

Choosing Ignorance

Why do the FCC, the FEC, the Obama administration and the Democrat party want to stifle the news? There is a lot of print media available. Most of the newspapers support the Democrat party. Most broadcast channel news stations favor the Democrat party. Most cable news, except Fox news is biased toward the Democrat party. They have also hinted at trying to control news stories available on the internet. The Drudge report is their favorite internet news whipping boy. The FEC is even talking about suppressing what kind of political information you can put in books.

Newsroom of the past
The Obama administration has been trying to shut down dissenting news organizations ever since he got into office. He appointed people into FEC and FCC positions that would try and suppress conservative viewpoints. Why are they doing that? Certainly people that hear and read news stories can reject any story that does not fit their beliefs.

What are they trying to hide? It is very simple. They are trying to keep people from hearing the truth. CNN, MSNBC, Headline news, ABC, CBS and NBC news are all biased toward the left. So what? Everyone knows that. Fox is biased toward the right. So what?

What the Democrats want to stifle is not the bias. What they want to stifle is the truth. If you watch Fox news, listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio and regularly read the Drudge report, you get about 20% more news stories than you will hear on the left-leaning media sources. If you do not believe me, run a test for yourself.

Record CNN and Fox news for a month. Each day watch CNN, then Fox new and I guarantee you get stories on Fox that CNN will not broadcast. That is the key. It is not the biased way that stories are printed or shown that is the issue. The real bias is shown by what is suppressed.

Normally stories that hurt Republicans show up on page one. Stories that may hurt Democrats are on page 19. Fox news does not suppress stories. Every story they tell may have a right slant, but you always hear the opposing view – not so with left leaning media coverage. CNN often tells only one side of the story. Likewise, in print and broadcast media.

Democrats know that if people know the truth, they lose their support. The Democrat party thrives on misinformation and omissions. Obama may be the greatest obfuscator in our history. He stalls, bobs and weaves and ignores requests for information, but if it will damage him, he keeps it hidden. The news media is complicit.

I have some pretty smart friends that refuse to watch Fox news. Why the fear? They probably do not even realize they are choosing ignorance about the available news. The reason they tune out Rush Limbaugh, the Drudge Report and Fox news is because the left and their media support lie to the public about what the right leaning venues represent. If you have any interest in the truth, go to the source. You cannot believe what people with an agenda tell you someone else said. They lie distort and hide the truth. Do not choose ignorance.

If the stories do not matter, why are the Democrats and progressives so determined to shut them up?

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