Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Thoughts on Immigration

This post is a repeat of a post with a similar title posted on July 6th of this year. Immigration has become more and more an issue in this election season. I have never repeated a post before, but I think this issue has some importance.

The United States population is made up of immigrants. The first settlers were explorers. Then came the trappers and tradesmen. Indigenous peoples were encountered sporadically throughout the country. Some people left their homelands to get away from tyrannical governments. The Puritans came for religious freedom. Some people came just because they had a spirit of adventure. Some people came because the United States needed workers to construct large projects, like the Chinese who helped build our railroads. Many of the Irish came because of famine in their homeland. All the people that came here throughout the short history of our country were looking for a better life and they thought they could find it here.

Immigrants who came here learned to blend in with their neighbors. It was not quick and easy – it always takes time for new arrivals to integrate. Immigration laws were created to meter entry into the country at a rate that allowed new arrivals to assimilate, find employment and become assets to the country. The more successful immigrants learn the language of their neighbors and meld into society.

Historically, the people that came here became Americans, with loyalty to their new country while maintaining allegiance and feelings for their heritage and the family they left behind in their old countries. They wanted citizenship and happily swore an oath of allegiance to this country and showed a willingness to fight to keep the country free. They contributed to the growth of our population and our prosperity. Immigration was a good thing.

Then something changed. Many people that have lived here all their lives no longer respect the country that allowed them to prosper and families to improve their position in life. Immigration stopped being metered. The borders became porous. The efforts to assimilate stopped. Even the oath of allegiance for new citizens was changed so that people no longer had to swear allegiance to this country. They no longer had to agree to support the country’s military in times of war. For the first time we started inviting new people into the country who were a burden to the United States and expected to be on the welfare rolls throughout their lives.

The result of unmetered immigration is a weaker country with a growing disloyal population. There are few jobs available for the currently unemployed citizens and certainly no jobs for new arrivals. Their enclaves have many destined for poverty row. They will join gangs and riot in our streets, since their progress is almost nil. Their allegiance is to the country they left behind and destruction of the United States is of no consequence to them. Their dire circumstances turn them to violence increasing the crime rates in their vicinity.

No one is anti-immigrant. The people that are accused of being anti-immigrant for wanting metered immigration are the people with the knowledge of the history of our country. The accusers have no interest in history and no knowledge and obviously no foresight of the outcome of their positions.

We have become a weaker country with a less loyal population and I think it is by design. A sad situation, Ollie.