Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Same Things

I think most people want the same things in life. Basic needs are air, water, food, clothing and shelter for themselves. Even to get basic needs, a person needs some type of employment. If you work outside the home, you may need transportation to get to your place of employment. After basic needs are met, most people want someone to love and someone to love them. Some people want families. With families you need more clothes and because they need more room, a larger shelter is required. They may want a vehicle that will carry more people. In order to get bigger, better and more, people often feel the need for more education. People also get sick and need medical care. Everyone with more than one mouth to feed knows that with larger families you deal with much more need for medical attention.

For most of the time the earth has existed, life was not possible. The air and water were unfit for consumption, the way we think of it today. Plants evolved from the mire while one celled animals came into existence about two billion years ago. Next came fish and amphibians, then dinosaurs. After the dinosaur’s extinction there was an ice age where it was so cold life as we think about it was non-existent. At this point the earth had been around for 98 percent of its total existence and people had not arrived.

People similar to us have been around less than two million years. Plant life was vociferous in parts of the world and non-existent in other parts. About 11,000 years ago, grasses began sprouting around the earth and people discovered they could move and survive. Humans started roaming the earth looking for food, better climates and often just curiosity. Those migrants still had the same needs that we have today.

Industrious people took advantage of their skill and often created or grew more than they needed, so they used the excess to trade for things they did not have the skills or resources to make or grow for themselves. People conglomerated in groups because they discovered some tasks took more than one person or one family to achieve. As communities were formed it became apparent we needed some kind of structure to keep people from taking advantage of one another. Next thing you know we have government. Your mind can take you from a single village to the huge monstrosity of a government we have today. Other countries have the same issues, although man has made living together with others more difficult. There are social differences, cultural differences as well as different desires and different ideas of what constitutes success.

With all that going on we all need air, water, food clothing and shelter. And a little love.

Our political discussions and disagreements in this country are all based on how our government helps or hinders us getting what we want to achieve in life. Our country is still evolving, just like the earth had to have time to evolve to what it is today. We are all trying to strive toward a government that treats every individual and every embedded organization fairly.

One group feels individuals have insufficient skills and abilities to take care of themselves and wants more government and more government involvement in individual activities. Another group thinks individuals can take care of themselves and they want less government and less interference in individual lives. With all that said, we all want the same basic things. We should spend more time understanding each other and less time bickering. We are all in this together.

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