Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Last Post on Obama

This is a short walk down memory lane. When President Barack Obama swept into office with a Hope and Change message, his first task was to save the economy in collapse left behind by the Bush 43 administration. He had majorities in the house and senate and had an opportunity to do a lot for the country and for the benefit of all Americans. Unfortunately, he had three things in his way. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and his own personal ideology.

The arrogance of Reid and Pelosi ramming legislation down the throat of America without allowing any dissenting voices from the Republican Party to be heard. Obama wanted a big government and the Congress gave him a 25% budget increase and two trillion dollars in stimulus money. All this over the objections of Republicans that were trying to add some balance, realism and understanding to the measures. They were brushed aside as pests.

Obama’s radical climate change ideology came to fore and the Democrats gave $1.5 trillion to their friends to make solar panels. The Obama administration settled bankruptcy disputes in favor of their friends and supporters instead of the investors. This was a divergence from existing law and common practice.

Then along came Obamacare. They bribed several states and several Democrat legislators to get this bad bill passed without the benefit of any Republican input or Republican votes.

Many Americans did not see this as change with hope. They viewed it closer to dictatorship and they rebelled. They saw jobs disappearing because of a radically ideological President and a bureaucracy willing to push his radical agenda. The voters gave the House of Representatives to the Republicans at the next election and displaced a few Democrat Senators. This influx of new legislators arrived to do what their constituents asked – oppose this radical president. Oppose they did to the consternation of establishment Republicans in the Congress.

The Democrats stepped up their rhetoric about obstructionism and racism. Why would Republicans not try to stop what was going on? Obama policies were diametrically opposed to what Republicans believed in their entire political life.

It took two more elections to replace enough Senators to turn the Senate back to the Republicans. The people were talking loudly and clearly. Unfortunately, the Republican leadership was anemic and preferred to work with the President and suppress the new voices recently elected to Congress.

Yesterday, the pushback from the American people was completed. We did not like the lack of disclosure, the secret deals, the job killing policies and the illegal executive orders that Obama resorted to using to push his radicalism. He even went as far as encouraging people ineligible to vote to vote anyway, assuring them they would not get caught.

Everyone that opposed Obama’s policies was branded as a racist by Democrats and their news organizations. That diatribe continues until this day. I have news for them. Bad policies do not cause racism. Obama is still popular. That is good. Now I think we have a new President that will be for all the American people, not just his friends.

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