Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving -- 2016

Today is Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Kathi and I woke up early to get the day started. We opened our shades and around 8:30 we noticed that we did not see any sunshine. We got a small rain shower about 9:15, but it did not last long. It is still dark outside with no sunshine, but the temperature is moderate.
Kathi is making deviled eggs and candied yams. We picked up a nine pound honey-baked spiral cut ham yesterday. We will be having Thanksgiving tomorrow at Andrea Clark's home in La Porte, TX. Our oven is not big enough to warm the ham, so we will take it to Andrea's house today so it will be there early tomorrow for warming. It would have fit in our convection oven, but it is broken. We tried unsuccessfully to have it fixed earlier this year, but the attempt failed. We will try again next year.
Our son, AJ is coming in from Austin by bus and we will pick him up at Greyhound later this afternoon. Our youngest son Christopher lives in Deer Park and will join us at Andrea's home tomorrow, along with the rest of Kathi's family. One of Andrea's three sisters and her family is coming in from the east coast and we are anticipating a fun filled day stuffing ourselves with food and enjoying being together.
I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Safe travels for everyone and hopefully a day of peace for our world.

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