Monday, November 21, 2016

Not to Fear

I hear a lot of people on television talking about how they are afraid, because a Republican was elected as President of the United States. I have some family members that express the same fear. Most of my friends and most of my family members are not afraid, because we know something the people with fear do not know. The people in fear have no idea what Republican stand for and believe. The reason they do not know is because all they hear is what the Democrat party tells them. The main stream media in this country gets all their cues from the Democrat party.

In other words, Democrats do not know anything about Republicans. All they will ever know is the lies, because they collectively choose ignorance. They would rather listen to people that support the lies they already believe, instead of learning what the truth is for themselves. Part of it is laziness, part of it is lack of interest and part of it is unwillingness to get out of their comfort zone. If you have grown up all your life in a liberal household, all you know is spin,

Much of the fear is directed at Donald Trump and examples given for this fear is some of the things he said while he was running for President and while he was a star on TV. What the people in fear do not know and refuse to recognize is that Donald Trump used the same tactics Democrats have used for generations to win elections. Political class Republicans would never use the Democrat playbook to win an election, but Donald Trump did not have any reservations about using the same tactics Hillary Clinton used – the same Tactics Barack Obama used to defeat Clinton, McCain and Romney. Like I said, Democrats have used these smear tactics for years.

For some reason Democrats lying to people does not bother Democrats. Many of them even believe what they are told. Most people that do not like conservative messages, never hear a conservative message from a conservative. They only listen to the liberal pundit translation of what the conservative says and it is usually a complete fabrication.

Republicans believe in freedom and a free enterprise system. Republicans want everyone to be successful. Republicans want laws that allow people and business to prosper. Republicans want our government to enforce our laws and follow the Constitution.

The Democrat Party has become more socialist over time. They want to win elections any way they can. People voting multiple times does not bother them. Dead people voting for them does not bother them, People ineligible to vote, but voting anyway does not bother them. They just want to win. Using our tax money to buy votes with welfare is okay with Democrats. Ignoring our laws and flooding our country with illegal aliens that will become Democrats does not bother them. Basically, they have no values and work very hard to assign that label to their opponents.

People who know the truth are not afraid. If more people learn the truth, another Democrat will never be elected until they absorb a value system.

Republicans are not the ones you should fear. You should rejoice that we finally have a President that will work for the betterment of all the American people.


  1. Well said. I have been so inundated with statements that wasted my time, it is nice to read some truth

  2. Thanks for your comments, AJ. I wish more people would read and understand this.