Friday, January 27, 2017

Voter Fraud

Jess Richman of Old Dominion University has worked with other universities to try and determine the extent of illegal aliens voting in national elections. Their survey determined over six percent of illegals voted in the last presidential election. That is over three quarters of a million fraudulent votes, before we even think about the other ways voter fraud occurs.

Tim Donnelly wrote an article in California Political Review describing the California recipe for voter fraud on a massive scale.

           The Recipe:

Use Saul Alinsky tactics on anyone that proposes voter ID. Shame them, shun them and ridicule them.

Make registering to vote easy, right up to election day.

Encourage as many people as possible to ask for permanent mail in ballots.

Give driver’s licenses to everyone, whether illegal or not. Register everyone who gets a driver’s license to vote.

If voter registration requestors do not specify they are a non-citizen, add them to the voter rolls anyway,

You know there is always more to the story. This information is about illegal aliens voting in national elections, but there are many more forms that voter fraud can take. College students registered in two states. Dead people voting.

One thing that is constant in the United States. Democrats encourage voter fraud in every state. They fight to assure we never get voter ID cards with pictures. They try everything they can to prevent anyone from checking legitimacy of social security numbers.

We have one party that wants to win and morality plays no role in their decision making, Legal or illegal plays no role in their decision making. Win at any cost is all they care about. The Progressive agenda world-wide is the same. Push and keep pushing the liberal agenda. Voter fraud is a good means to accomplish their objectives.


  1. I am not exactly shocked about these types of voter fraud. While living in California I saw some things that made me certain that state is corrupt in a lot of ways that have not been obvious to me in other places. What does surprise me a little is that they do not even try to hide their motives. It gives me a bad feeling to know their are so many actual citizens and elected politicians involved in something I think of as "un-American" and dangerous to our country.

  2. Hi, AJ. Voter fraud is of minor concern when it happens in small doses. There are some Democrat enclaves like Philadelphia, Detroit, and California that I think there are concerted efforts for massive voter fraud. This is dangerous to our democracy.