Saturday, January 14, 2017

Who They Are

For many years, the Democrats have fooled a lot of people into thinking they were the political party that was compassionate and cared about other people. That is the story line the party has always put out and their communications arm, the main stream media repeats whatever they party line is. If you doubt this, think about how many news shows, news reporters and newspapers use the exact same language and even the same words and phrases the Democrat party feeds to them. News people have stopped trying to hide that they get their marching orders from Democrat sources.

 I have been around Democrats all my life. Over the years, I have known some Democrats that were caring compassionate people. Many of them were family members. Most of the compassionate Democrats I have known are no longer with us. Right now, I can think of half a dozen that I feel like they care about other people. Most just care about winning.

The Democrat Party has been moving further to the left for many years. It began around the time they discovered Saul Alinsky. Through the teacher’s unions they have managed to brainwash our children with a left leaning philosophy and moving more and more young people to their way of thinking.

Twelve to fifteen years ago, some compassionate Democrats got together and decided it was unfair if some children got rewarded for the efforts. We have now moved from everyone get a prize all the way to where Democrats do not even have to listen to people that disagree with them.

Donald Trump’s election for President of the United States has coaxed many Democrats to show their true colors. It began with our current President trying to preserve his legacy, which was dismal at best. Almost as soon as the election was over, Obama began taken actions that would defy Donald Trump from completing the agenda the American people elected him to fulfill. Obama is trying to discredit Donald Trump’s presidency as illegitimate. He passed the word to Democrats in Congress and they willingly jumped on board.

The Russians and Chinese have violated our cyber security for years and Obama acknowledges knowing that. He did not care about it at all, until Trump won the election. Now all Democrats are obligated to state that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate, because Putin helped him win. Many are complying with his wish.

Worse than all this evil, is that any Democrat that supports Trump in any manner is demagogued in the media, main stream and social. Anyone who agrees to perform in any of the inauguration ceremonies is subjected to threats to their livelihood, and safety, up to and including some who have received death threats for themselves and their family members. So much for compassion. Can you imagine being a lifelong Democrat and being threatened by your compassionate comrades.

I can. I have always known that is who they are.

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