Monday, February 20, 2017

45 %

All through the 2015-2016 election season, Donald Trump kept a constant 45% of primarily Republican voters. Everyone said he did not have a chance to get elected, because he never polled over 50%. When we got to the general election, Trump kept getting 45% in the polls. All the pollsters were sure he could not win with only 45% of the people supporting him. He won anyway.

 The 45% of voters in this country that still support Donald Trump is constant, because Trump’s mindset is like ours. Yes, I am in the 45% and I will be hard to dissuade. I think we are the main stream of America. I think we are the bulk of the middle class. We consist of die-hard Republicans, disgruntled Republicans, disenchanted Democrats, and independents that were willing to take a chance for something better in their life. The coalition is solid, because Trump is attuned to what is hurting our country.

The left won elections during the Obama years by dividing our country. Blacks against white, undocumented aliens against Americans, teachers against Republicans, the gay-lesbian community against Christians, Hispanics against whites, students and college professors against white men and a lot of other divisive groups. The enchantment of division began to wear thin.

The left has almost shut down free speech on college campuses and are beginning to branch out to the rest of society. They go after jobs of people they disagree with for any non-ideological belief. They boycott businesses that do business with their chosen enemies. They destroy all monuments to anyone that did anything in the past they deem inappropriate. They are trying to change our history and ruin the livelihood of their opposition.

What our response should be is to try and grow the 45%. John McCain and a few other congressional Republicans seem to be openly against everything Trump does. I have thought McCain should be out of the Senate for many years, because I favor term limits, but more people are opposing McCain and calling for him to lose his office, because he speaks out against Trump. Shepherd Smith, a well-known Democrat on Fox News criticized Trump and people started shouting for him to lose his job. My advice is to stop that talk. That is what people outside the 45% do and we cannot become them and keep our country. If we act like the opposition acts, we are them. Stop it.

Trump needs more supporters that are drawn to him by better opportunities, more safety, better jobs and better lives. We do not need to lose anyone because we act like the opposition. We need to support “freedom of Speech.,” especially when we disagree with it. We need to support “freedom of Religion,” even though it is not our religion. We need to allow peaceful protesters freedom of assembly. We must stand with the Constitution. I think that is where Trump stands.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Not too many years ago, we had liberal college professors who were brow-beating college students who did not follow the liberal path. Conservative thinking was shunned. Letter grades were reduced if you argued with them. Faculty and students alike began protesting anyone that came to campus to speak for the conservatives. Pre-school through high school students were getting fair educations, but not good educations. Too many students were graduating who did not have reading and mathematics skills. Protests away from campuses were few. A few cities had gay pride parades which drew little attention, but they paraded in peace and were mostly allowed to parade without incident. There were neighborhoods that did not like police methods that reduced crime and got violent felons off our streets.

Now we are living with the aftermath of a community organizer as the leader in charge of our country. Slowly and steadily he worked against effective policing methods. He worked for putting more felons on our streets. He ignored laws that he did not personally approve. Senate rules were changed so he could stack the courts with liberal judges. The Republicans allowed him to put two judges on the supreme court that clearly had little respect for the Constitution. He opened the doors of our country to people that did not have a legal right to be here, including some felons and possible terrorists.

He traveled the world spewing his despise of the United States. His environmental activism was designed to send our tax money to countries that were not as prosperous as we are, while shutting down our industries and killing jobs. He selected a person to lead the Department of Education that thought teaching sexual activities to elementary school children was the best way to reduce bullying in schools. He constantly criticized the police for doing their job. He stopped law enforcement under his command to stop doing their usual function. He turned our government into a group that went after his political enemies. Every way he could divide us to gain votes, he accomplished.

They co-opted the common core school curriculum to subject children to leftist propaganda at an earlier age. White people and especially white men are taught to despise themselves. What we are left with is college campuses with students and professors that riot and destroy property and beat up people that say anything different from what they believe. Free speech is gone at college. The Black Lives Matter Gangs advocated killing policemen and a few crazy people in the country heard the call and police officers were murdered.

Black organizations that were formed to support black people only support liberal black people. They despise black conservatives and black Republicans. They do not like black people that find their own way to success without government support. Feminists only support liberal women that favor abortion. If you are a conservative woman or a Republican woman you are despised by feminists. Many neighborhoods and schools display the Mexican flag with pride while burning our American flag. Flag burning draws a larger crowd than a dog fight.

Unfortunately, the people left behind were primarily the middle class in the country, regardless of race, color, national identity, sex, or sexual orientation. It took a while, but a lot of these people woke up and looked around and did not like what we have become. Barack Obama is solely responsible for the election of Donald Trump. Now all people will be treated the same. Felons will be incarcerated again. People in the country without proper authority that commit crimes will be prosecuted and deported. Obama’s leftovers in the government are trying to sabotage President Trump and many will lose their government jobs because of it. Loser protesters in the streets will soon see the country getting better despite their opposition. Too many people are awake now. What took so long?

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Compensation Equity

Most corporate officers have good educations and advanced degrees. Sometimes it means they are smart people and sometimes it means their family had enough money to pay for expensive schooling. Corporations generally pay their executives well. Thirty years ago, executives were paid for making their companies successful. Because of tax laws dictated by the government, compensation methods changed. Instead of salary increases, it became more beneficial to give corporate executives stock, medical care, country club memberships, etc.

When collective bargaining organizations ran into difficulty getting hourly wage increases, they started bargaining for more vacation days, more holidays, more sick days, better medical coverage and other needed benefits. Some companies have stock ownership plans or contribute to IRA’s for hourly employees.

I remember about twenty-five years ago; a large corporation was doing so badly they thought they needed to replace their CEO. He was under contract and to get him to leave they had to pay him higher compensation to leave than he would have made if he had kept his job. I do not remember the name of the company, but I do remember thinking, “What a stupid idea.” Paying a person to leave because he did a poor job. It became a standard practice to give people, especially CEO’s a large severance pay when they left, regardless of whether they were good at their job or not.

When government raised personal and corporate taxes, something had to give to keep profits up, so executives would not lose their positions. Salaries were now entrenched for corporate executives, and they could not raise prices, because the people also had less money to spend and they would lose business. The corporate solution to the problem was lower wages for hourly workers. American workers and labor unions were not anxious to take pay decreases and it also caused bad publicity for the corporations. So, what was the answer? Cheaper labor and more customers was their answer.

Corporations and the national chamber of commerce began lobbying congress to change immigration law to allow more immigrants who would work for a lower hourly wage. American workers and labor unions soon realized what was happening. Unions were divided on what they wanted. Some favored immigration to increase the size of their organizations and some wanted less immigration to keep wages high for the people they currently represented. Everything is complicated and it gets more complicated as government involvement increases.

Then along came a government that cared more about the weather than they cared about people. The result was corporations moved out of the country, more people became unemployed and the people still working were getting reduced compensation and fewer hours to work. Meanwhile corporate executives still had stocks that were increasing in value at the same time hourly workers were being replaced by lower paid workers or outright losing their jobs.

Today we have a pay disparity that needs to be addressed. If corporate executives and boards of directors do not recognize the problem and take some action to address it, the government will need to do that, which will make the issue more complicated. The best solution is for executives to pay attention and address the problem. In my opinion, less compensation at the top and better wages for their employees is the best answer.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hierarchy of Being

In the United States, we talk a lot about being free. The truth is very few people are free. People have obligations to their spouses, their life mate, their significant other, their children, their employer, their creditors, etc. Anytime you have an ambition, you lose your freedom. Since most people are not free, what do we mean when we say “the land of the free?” Of course, that implies the rules you live by are different in different places. That is a fact. They are very different from one locale to another.

Freedom in the United States means freedom from government oppression. That is all it means. Every law that is passed reduces our freedom. Every single law reduces our freedom. Most laws make sense because they protect us from each other, other parts of government, corporations and a myriad of other things. Laws are created by people who think they know which freedoms we are willing to cede to government. One reason we have a lot of stupid laws is because lawmakers stay in office so long, they become arrogant. They place themselves above the laws they make for other people.

Have you ever thought about what you consider your personal governance? What is the hierarchy of laws, rules or guidelines you are willing to live by? How do you decide what is most important?

Here are a few of the many things available to consider our personal hierarchy of being:

Human being – natural rights
Etiquette -- good manners – social norms
Religious laws – religious doctrine
Federal laws
State laws
City ordinances
Social justice
The environment
School rules

I generally think of being a human being and having natural rights at the top of the list, but some locales, some types of governments and some religions do not see being a human being at the top of their hierarchy. Governing bodies can enforce their rules, but they usually do so within in the framework of the social norms in their locale.

Right now, in this country and around the world we have people in the streets trying to change the hierarchy of being for everyone. Many people think their personal beliefs take precedence over the law of the land.

Is the hierarchy of being changeable in different situations?  Is it okay to display different behaviors at school than you show at home? Do you act different when you are with your friends than you act in public?

We may get to the point that anarchists force each of us to choose a side. Think about what guides your life and lifestyle and how much of it you are willing to sacrifice to satisfy people that see the world differently.

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Moral High Ground

Nancy Pelosi and many other Democrats make speeches and interviews where they claim the Democrats have the Moral High Ground over Republicans. That may be true, but I would like to explore what Democrat moral high ground looks like.
I will start with an event that is currently in the news. President Trump was not sure the vetting procedures for immigrants used by the previous administration were adequate to keep people in the United States safe from terrorist attacks. To assure our safety, the president signed an executive order postponing immigration from seven middle eastern countries for a short time, giving the administration time to review immigrant vetting procedures.

What was the Democrat response? They lied. They protested Trump’s “Muslim ban.” Every Democrat that could get on the news said the term “Muslim ban.”  It is a lie and they know it is a lie. This is normal operating procedure for Democrats. Remember the birth control issue a few years back. Democrats accused Republicans of hating women because they opposed forcing religious organizations to pay for birth control, which was against their religious doctrine. Democrats claimed it was denying women access to health care. In other words, they lied. Everyone knew that anyone that wanted birth control still had the same access to birth control before the issue came up.

The Democrats oppose the new executive order on immigration vehemently. They are on TV daily and there are even protests around the country objecting to this executive order. They want the immigrants flooding into our country, because they think they will vote for Democrats. They care more about winning elections than they care about the safety of the American people.

This week two different campuses have had protests when someone that did not share their liberal views was scheduled to speak on their campus. We already knew that tenured leftist college professors will not allow new faculty members that do not share their world view. They do not want any opposing voices on their campuses. The students have taken up their cause. For many years, right leaning speakers have been threatened, if they have the audacity to speak in an academic arena.

Did you know that the police had instructions not to arrest anyone at Berkley? They welcomed the riots. University administrators agree with their professors that no dissenting points of view should be heard by their students.

It appears to me the Democrat moral high ground requires prevarication. If you and a group of your friends beat up and stomp and individual from the opposition, you are standing on the Democrat moral high ground. If you advocate killing policemen, you are standing in the Democrat moral high ground. The Democrat moral high ground requires people that value winning elections over the safety of the American People. If you are willing to deny Christians religious liberty, you are standing on Democrat moral high ground. The Democrat moral high ground requires advocates for slaughtering unborn children. Did someone change the meaning or moral while I was sleeping?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Temper Tantrums

The left is in fits all over the country. They began marching in the streets and blocking traffic in cities just after the 2016 presidential election results were announced. They began sham vote-recounts in several states and claimed their losing candidate was not a real loser, just kind of a stand-in loser. After unsuccessful re-counts the politicians gave up, but their supporters are still stomping their feet, marching in streets and rolling in the aisles because they lost an election – temper tantrums. The news media is glorifying the dissenters, but pay attention to the videos. Listen to their rhetoric. They act and sound like spoiled children.

 They make up clever little chants, but why not? They all mimic the same words. Not ideas they have thought of themselves, but repetition of other like-minded whiners that also have no place to go during working hours. They are given words to say. Many are even paid to say the words and march as zealots.

The reason they have time to march is because the previous administration destroyed the job market in the country and it appears many on the left were the ones left behind. I find it amazing that business owners would prefer having someone that would come to work and do a good job for them, instead of hiring more whiners that would rather complain and march in the streets than work. Maybe business owners are not as shallow minded as they left represents them to be.

Long before the names of President Trump’s cabinet members were identified, the Senate led by Chuck Schumer began hating every nominee Trump named or would name. Long before Trump announced who would be his pick for the Supreme Court justice, they had placards made and buttons made hating the that person before they knew the name of the person they hated. All the protestors carried felt tip pens, so they could write in the name of the person they hated. Cute, ladies and gentlemen.

We have a president that has committed himself to representing all the people in the country. We have a president that is doing exactly what he said he would do during his campaign. He not only trounced the Democrat opposition, he also trounced all the Republican opposition. He won. He won, because a goodly number of people in this country were sick of the status-quo. Sick of a Washington that suppresses people instead of helping people. Politicians that would rather fight than switch. Well, those politicians are still there and they upped the ante on a fight they cannot win – stupid under any means of judgement.

President Trump with get the cabinet he wants. President Trump will get the Supreme Court justices he wants. Republicans in congress will fight tooth and nail against some of Trump’s proposals, but as near as I can tell, he feels the people gave him a mandate. Democrats in congress will rant and rave and continue acting and looking like fools. I suspect someone is collecting video to use in the next election against each of them.

One more huge push Trump needs to make is term limits for congress. Has-been Republicans and Democrats alike need to hit the road and fill the hallowed halls of congress with new ideas, new energy and elected officials that care more about their constituents than they care about getting re-elected. I am waiting with anticipation for that day.