Saturday, February 18, 2017


Not too many years ago, we had liberal college professors who were brow-beating college students who did not follow the liberal path. Conservative thinking was shunned. Letter grades were reduced if you argued with them. Faculty and students alike began protesting anyone that came to campus to speak for the conservatives. Pre-school through high school students were getting fair educations, but not good educations. Too many students were graduating who did not have reading and mathematics skills. Protests away from campuses were few. A few cities had gay pride parades which drew little attention, but they paraded in peace and were mostly allowed to parade without incident. There were neighborhoods that did not like police methods that reduced crime and got violent felons off our streets.

Now we are living with the aftermath of a community organizer as the leader in charge of our country. Slowly and steadily he worked against effective policing methods. He worked for putting more felons on our streets. He ignored laws that he did not personally approve. Senate rules were changed so he could stack the courts with liberal judges. The Republicans allowed him to put two judges on the supreme court that clearly had little respect for the Constitution. He opened the doors of our country to people that did not have a legal right to be here, including some felons and possible terrorists.

He traveled the world spewing his despise of the United States. His environmental activism was designed to send our tax money to countries that were not as prosperous as we are, while shutting down our industries and killing jobs. He selected a person to lead the Department of Education that thought teaching sexual activities to elementary school children was the best way to reduce bullying in schools. He constantly criticized the police for doing their job. He stopped law enforcement under his command to stop doing their usual function. He turned our government into a group that went after his political enemies. Every way he could divide us to gain votes, he accomplished.

They co-opted the common core school curriculum to subject children to leftist propaganda at an earlier age. White people and especially white men are taught to despise themselves. What we are left with is college campuses with students and professors that riot and destroy property and beat up people that say anything different from what they believe. Free speech is gone at college. The Black Lives Matter Gangs advocated killing policemen and a few crazy people in the country heard the call and police officers were murdered.

Black organizations that were formed to support black people only support liberal black people. They despise black conservatives and black Republicans. They do not like black people that find their own way to success without government support. Feminists only support liberal women that favor abortion. If you are a conservative woman or a Republican woman you are despised by feminists. Many neighborhoods and schools display the Mexican flag with pride while burning our American flag. Flag burning draws a larger crowd than a dog fight.

Unfortunately, the people left behind were primarily the middle class in the country, regardless of race, color, national identity, sex, or sexual orientation. It took a while, but a lot of these people woke up and looked around and did not like what we have become. Barack Obama is solely responsible for the election of Donald Trump. Now all people will be treated the same. Felons will be incarcerated again. People in the country without proper authority that commit crimes will be prosecuted and deported. Obama’s leftovers in the government are trying to sabotage President Trump and many will lose their government jobs because of it. Loser protesters in the streets will soon see the country getting better despite their opposition. Too many people are awake now. What took so long?

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