Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Temper Tantrums

The left is in fits all over the country. They began marching in the streets and blocking traffic in cities just after the 2016 presidential election results were announced. They began sham vote-recounts in several states and claimed their losing candidate was not a real loser, just kind of a stand-in loser. After unsuccessful re-counts the politicians gave up, but their supporters are still stomping their feet, marching in streets and rolling in the aisles because they lost an election – temper tantrums. The news media is glorifying the dissenters, but pay attention to the videos. Listen to their rhetoric. They act and sound like spoiled children.

 They make up clever little chants, but why not? They all mimic the same words. Not ideas they have thought of themselves, but repetition of other like-minded whiners that also have no place to go during working hours. They are given words to say. Many are even paid to say the words and march as zealots.

The reason they have time to march is because the previous administration destroyed the job market in the country and it appears many on the left were the ones left behind. I find it amazing that business owners would prefer having someone that would come to work and do a good job for them, instead of hiring more whiners that would rather complain and march in the streets than work. Maybe business owners are not as shallow minded as they left represents them to be.

Long before the names of President Trump’s cabinet members were identified, the Senate led by Chuck Schumer began hating every nominee Trump named or would name. Long before Trump announced who would be his pick for the Supreme Court justice, they had placards made and buttons made hating the that person before they knew the name of the person they hated. All the protestors carried felt tip pens, so they could write in the name of the person they hated. Cute, ladies and gentlemen.

We have a president that has committed himself to representing all the people in the country. We have a president that is doing exactly what he said he would do during his campaign. He not only trounced the Democrat opposition, he also trounced all the Republican opposition. He won. He won, because a goodly number of people in this country were sick of the status-quo. Sick of a Washington that suppresses people instead of helping people. Politicians that would rather fight than switch. Well, those politicians are still there and they upped the ante on a fight they cannot win – stupid under any means of judgement.

President Trump with get the cabinet he wants. President Trump will get the Supreme Court justices he wants. Republicans in congress will fight tooth and nail against some of Trump’s proposals, but as near as I can tell, he feels the people gave him a mandate. Democrats in congress will rant and rave and continue acting and looking like fools. I suspect someone is collecting video to use in the next election against each of them.

One more huge push Trump needs to make is term limits for congress. Has-been Republicans and Democrats alike need to hit the road and fill the hallowed halls of congress with new ideas, new energy and elected officials that care more about their constituents than they care about getting re-elected. I am waiting with anticipation for that day.

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