Friday, February 3, 2017

The Moral High Ground

Nancy Pelosi and many other Democrats make speeches and interviews where they claim the Democrats have the Moral High Ground over Republicans. That may be true, but I would like to explore what Democrat moral high ground looks like.
I will start with an event that is currently in the news. President Trump was not sure the vetting procedures for immigrants used by the previous administration were adequate to keep people in the United States safe from terrorist attacks. To assure our safety, the president signed an executive order postponing immigration from seven middle eastern countries for a short time, giving the administration time to review immigrant vetting procedures.

What was the Democrat response? They lied. They protested Trump’s “Muslim ban.” Every Democrat that could get on the news said the term “Muslim ban.”  It is a lie and they know it is a lie. This is normal operating procedure for Democrats. Remember the birth control issue a few years back. Democrats accused Republicans of hating women because they opposed forcing religious organizations to pay for birth control, which was against their religious doctrine. Democrats claimed it was denying women access to health care. In other words, they lied. Everyone knew that anyone that wanted birth control still had the same access to birth control before the issue came up.

The Democrats oppose the new executive order on immigration vehemently. They are on TV daily and there are even protests around the country objecting to this executive order. They want the immigrants flooding into our country, because they think they will vote for Democrats. They care more about winning elections than they care about the safety of the American people.

This week two different campuses have had protests when someone that did not share their liberal views was scheduled to speak on their campus. We already knew that tenured leftist college professors will not allow new faculty members that do not share their world view. They do not want any opposing voices on their campuses. The students have taken up their cause. For many years, right leaning speakers have been threatened, if they have the audacity to speak in an academic arena.

Did you know that the police had instructions not to arrest anyone at Berkley? They welcomed the riots. University administrators agree with their professors that no dissenting points of view should be heard by their students.

It appears to me the Democrat moral high ground requires prevarication. If you and a group of your friends beat up and stomp and individual from the opposition, you are standing on the Democrat moral high ground. If you advocate killing policemen, you are standing in the Democrat moral high ground. The Democrat moral high ground requires people that value winning elections over the safety of the American People. If you are willing to deny Christians religious liberty, you are standing on Democrat moral high ground. The Democrat moral high ground requires advocates for slaughtering unborn children. Did someone change the meaning or moral while I was sleeping?