Friday, March 24, 2017

How Things Get Done

When a group of concerned people are assigned a complicated task to accomplish, it is hard to get started, unless someone shows up with an idea, often called a strawman. If that person is allowed to explain the idea in a manner that is understandable to others in the workgroup, they have an agreed understanding and a place to start. Everyone else in the work group may have ideas that will make completion of the task simpler or more effective, so they try to include as many of the good ideas as they can. Some ideas conflict with others and an agreement must be made on which idea to implement and which to exclude. When the proposal is ready to submit or work is ready to begin on the project, they put the proposal in a format that is easiest to explain.

When the proposal is presented to the leadership team, there are usually several members of the leadership team that say the proposal will not work. Most of the leadership team members are skeptical of everything and some object, before understanding the proposal. That starts arguments between members of the leadership team and usually one or more of the leadership team walks away from the presentation angry or frustrated that everyone else does not see their point of view. The leadership team leader is normally the one to accept or deny the proposal, after understanding the concept and hearing all objections. Some minor changes may be made after the presentation, but usually not major changes. If the proposal is deemed improbable of success it is usually scrapped and a new workgroup is assigned to take on the problem. If the proposal is deemed probable of success, the proposal is made public.

Some of the public likes you and they listen with an open mind and are willing to go along with implementation of the project. The portion of the public that does not like you will not listen to the presentation, will never understand the proposal and will harp and complain constantly that it will not work. We usually call these people ignorant and they are ignorant by choice. The people that understand the least complain the most.

We have a country full of people that choose ignorance, rather than listen to someone they do not like. We have a political party that survives by dividing us. So many know so little they do not realize the enemy is themselves. Or like Pogo said many years ago, “We have met the enemy and it is us.”

If you want to know the truth, do not waste time talking to people that agree with you. You learn the truth by trying to understand the people with whom you disagree.