Friday, July 21, 2017

Help Wanted

The last few years we spent in Texas, we saw, “Help Wanted” signs in many businesses. Restaurants, stores where gasoline is sold, beauty parlors, auto parts stores and many others are looking for more workers. We knew the Texas economy was doing well and assumed businesses were thriving and growing.

Our trip this year from Texas to the Oregon coast, we visited Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Oregon. Everywhere we went, we saw more, “Help Wanted” signs. 

We talked to people at the Winstar world casino and they got many applications, but the people applying, mostly Texans, wanted more money than they were willing to pay. The applicants routinely told them that they could make almost as much on welfare so they chose not to work. That’s right. Young able-bodied people were on welfare, because they drew almost as much from the government as they could get on a job, so they chose idleness.

Think about that. There is talk from the progressives about the government providing everyone a salary, so no one must work. These people do not have any idea the decadence that will cause in our population. It appears our welfare programs are already there.

When we were in Ogden and Sunset Utah, we found the same thing. A McDonald's store in Roy, UT had a sign up apologizing for closing at 6:00 p.m. because they could not get employees to staff the evening shift. The server I talked to said they had applicants every day, but would not work for less than $15 per hour. When I asked an individual why she was working instead of being on the dole, she told me that she never even thought about that. She started working at an early age and never considered not working.

Do you realize that after not working for a while, people lose their skills and even worse, they lose the desire to work? Retirees all know that. Most people that retire stay retired, although some retire and go to work immediately doing something else. Putting healthy people on welfare does not do them a favor. It decreases their ability to produce.

Charlie’s Service in Sunset, UT was continually looking for RV and auto mechanics. They got very few applications. Young people with no tools and no experience wanted to start out at the hourly rate that experienced, self-efficient mechanics were making.

While Barack Obama was president, his job-killing policies put millions of Americans out of work. Welfare was the only choice many had. Progressive policies always do that and Obama was more effective than most other progressive presidents.

Now that we are creating jobs again in this country, we have a lot of younger people who will not participate, if welfare gives them enough to survive. The federal government and the states must turn off the spigot to hardy people. 

Unfortunately, most of the people marching in the streets as protestors do not have the skills they need to get in the labor force. We may have to cut off the welfare before they will even agree to be re-trained. The good progressives like to pretend they are passionate, but their policies provide decadence.