Sunday, August 13, 2017


Truth is funny in political conversations. I tell people facts all the time and my friends on the left accuse me of right wing propaganda. I may use satire occasionally, but I never intentionally mislead anyone and I do not intend to do that here. There are two sides to every story and I like to hear and try to understand both sides.

I do not like or support white supremacists or KKK members. I also do not like or support black lives matter. I do not like the Muslim Brotherhood. I do not support the Democrats city and state leaders who are removing Confederate statues and Confederate names from buildings. When the last statue is gone, will we no longer be a racist country, where slavery existed? 

Robert E Lee memorial statue
I see no value in trying to erase our history. You can do it in public, but you will never get rid of all the books that tell our story. If you think you need a safe space, you actually need another country. Once you walk out of a safe space you are back in the real world with people that have freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom to do a lot of things none of us like.

History is something to embrace and study. As a country, there are things we are proud of and things that do not bestow pride. Both are part of who we are as a nation. People are supposed to learn from their mistakes and become better people. We call it informal education. People collectively learn the same way and those memories help us adjust our laws and social norms to fit the needs of all of us. There is no safe space, there is just here where we live.

We are at a place in our history where people on the left feel obligated to beat up people they think might say something they do not like. They accuse the people they beat up of saying words that might cause violence, so the leftist solution is to fulfill their own prophesy. Is this not insane?

In Charlottesville, a statue of Robert E. Lee was being removed to satisfy some people that hate slavery. Well, some other people that also hate slavery have a different understanding of the purpose of the statues. Until we understand that others also have a right to a point of view, we will have conflict.

White supremacists got a permit to demonstrate the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville. White supremacists showed up for the rally from states all over the country. A few joined in that just like statues and some joined in because they resent our history being destroyed. If these people were allowed to hold their rally in peace, the hateful supremacists would have been peaceful. They normally do not riot and destroy property.

The peace was threatened when opposition, ready for a confrontation, showed up to antagonize the supremacists. It seems to have worked. One of the supremacists got in a car and drove into the crowd, killing one and injuring several others. He should be prosecuted for murder and he will get his trial. You cannot equate what this person did and assign the blame to everyone in the group to which he belonged. That is not proper, just or legal.

President Trump disavowed the violence on national television. News pundits are criticizing him for not placing all the blame on the white supremacists. He is smart enough to realize they were not the only ones involved. Take off the political blinders and you can see the truth.


  1. Since this day and the events in Charlottesville there has been no diminution of interest in the story and if it was polarizing the day of and the day following the division has only increased in intensity. It was going to be an emotional subject. Now it is emotional AND convaluted. I have seen newscasters crying because their colleagues say they are RACIST when they are not. I saw a senator say "If you go to Klan rally you are a racist." So now this senator has made things worse. This is no longer a peaceful protest against removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. Now everyone from the center of the spectrum to the far left thinks this was a KKK rally where a lot of racists and white supremacists showed up to support a hate group instead of the truth. A bunch of KKK members and racists as well as fringe from the other side showed up to a peaceful demonstration against the removal of a statue. That Democrat senator made things much worse and there are millions of citizens guilty of the same thing.
    I have pride. I have pride in myself as an individual. I am proud I came into this world
    a southerner. All of that is part of and adds to the fact that I am grateful and proud to be an American. These sources of pride have never clashed. They do add to each other but never take away from each other. Some people are trying to tell me I am supposed to be ashamed because I come from a part of the country where the
    people who fought in a terribly bloody civil war almost 200 years ago wanted to keep a policy of legalized slavery. That won't fly with me. Next someone will try to tell me I should be ashamed because Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are two of my favorite founding fathers. I know most of this nation's founding fathers owned slaves. I know that owning slaves was part of world history in every almost inhabited place on earth and much of it well into the 19th century. I am surprised humans did not figure out how wrong this is a lot sooner than they did. I have no explanation for that. I don't know why groups like BLM, ANTIFA, KKK and any one else thought there was any good excuse for violence in Charlottesville. I do not know why there are people who do not see that some southerners went to Charlottesville to preserve history and wished no hate groups would have shown up and made it look like they were one big joined group. I am certain there are good people who wanted that statue down because they rightfully think people who fought to keep slavery should not be celebrated. Recently a loser on the political left ran over innocent people with a car and now a loser on the pilitical right has done the same thing. Why the president is called a racist for saying there is blame on both sides I do not know. Violence DID come from both sides. What the president said is exactly right. He told the undeniable truth. Why is it the majority of the right will distance itself from"the bad apples they do not want to be associated with but the majority of the left makes excuses for their bad apples?

  2. Hi, AJ. I should have let you write this blog post. We are in total agreement.

    1. I wish I had seen your last statement sooner. I know I am on the right track when we feel the same way about something. That made me feel happy and proud.