Monday, September 11, 2017

Current Events

Our friends and family in the Houston area are still recovering from the devastating flooding caused by hurricane Harvey camping over the area for a week or so. I read an article yesterday that the Harris County Flood Control District issued a report over twenty years ago with a plan to prevent the flooding from being so catastrophic. The politicians would not spend the money at that time, I think in the $40 million range. Think what is being spent now for recovery and it is in the $100 billion range.

Of course, this was an unusual hurricane, but rivers and reservoirs and dams cause flood events frequently. Actions not taken years ago will probably cost $100 million now. Sad, but the money will probably still not be spent to prevent future disasters.

Now hurricane Irma hit the west coast of Florida and weakened as it moved north.  It was a category four storm that has already caused devastation in the Florida Keys, Lower Antilles islands and Caribbean nations. The entire peninsula of Florida will be affected by wind and rising water. Restoring electricity seems to be the biggest concern, now. Hopefully, the federal government will update the coastal maps to better identify high flood risk areas, although the people living there already know if they are in peril.

Our best wishes for people across the southern part of the United States as they recover from these disasters. Minimal loss of life and property is something for which to pray,

Forest fires in California, Montana, Oregon and Utah are causing severe damage to our forested areas and taking some homes away with the trees. Environmentalists, the Interior Department and lumber companies need to get together and initiate a tree cutting program to thin the forests, provide lumber for new building and lessen the ferocity of the forest fires. There is a lot we could do to help ourselves.

While all this is going on in the USA, 1,400 people have died from monsoon flooding in south Asia, primarily from India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Mother nature does not discriminate. Many natural disasters occur each year.

A happier note:

Our nephew, Austin Clark and a few of his friends that recently graduated from Liberty Hill High School were sworn in as United States Marine recruits on September 5th. They will attend Boot Camp in San Diego. Congratulations to the new Marine recruits and thanks to Liberty Hill for supporting these young men and their families. Austin is a great kid and we all love and appreciate him and his choice to serve this nation.

Austin, Justin, Shanna and John Clark

New Marines from Liberty Hill and family members

Austin being sworn in.

Proud to be joining the Marines.

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  1. I enjoyed the pictures and story about Austin and the other young men from Liberty Hill. The storms and fires in our country have taken their toll this year. Ending with the part about Austin was great. I enlarged that picture twice, the one with all of them getting sworn in.