Sunday, October 8, 2017

What Matters

Have you ever thought of the purpose of laws? Why do we need government involvement in our society? I have heard many people say, “Without laws you have anarchy.” That is probably true, but why is it true? If everyone assumed personal responsibility and did not take advantage of other people, there would be little need for law.

Most of us know people that do not have a value system. Our country and our founding documents were created based on Judeo-Christian values. Many scoff at that, without any explanation of what value system is better. I do not propose people get religion, but I do think a civilized society is based on individuals showing civility to each other. This is only possible if there is a value system. Law is not good enough, because the law begins at a point that is way past civil. What our legal system does is control people with a lack of a value system at the furtherest extreme of what is civil.

Where did you get your value system? Mine began with my father and mother and was enhanced by my brother and sister, my grandparents, neighbors, school teachers, classmates and church. Families matter. Communities matter. Education matters.

Forty or so years ago, people of Hollywood and a few other public figures began openly defying the value of the family. Of course, there have always been children born out of wedlock, but Hollywood glorified it and made it mainstream. Now we have men fathering children with no assumed responsibility for their upbringing. This implies that some men do not respect the women they have relationships with and some women are not taught to demand respect.

Our country is divided. I cannot imagine why it would not be divided. We have a group of black people advocating for the murder of police officers. We have college professors, that ignore 8,000 years of science and think a person can change their sex in their own mind. We have Antifa and their allies denying free speech to everyone. We have nations engaged in a war of words that may lead to war with actual battlegrounds and people dying. We have a nation that advocates for the destruction of another nation and extinction of its people.

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We have people in this country that think non-citizens have rights that our citizens do not. We have colleges and even states that give benefits to people here illegally that they do not offer to American citizens. We have people advocating for killing babies, so mothers do not have to use readily available contraceptives. We have people wasting time trying to remove firearms from our society. Get real. It will never happen.

We have wealthy people getting wealthier at the expense of the rest of our society. Government appears to be mostly on their side. Politicians main job is to get re-elected and that costs money. Long ago politicians stopped working for the people and started working for moneybags.

The scariest part of all of this is we may be the most tolerant nation in the world. We seem to be the most caring and the most giving. I think we are the best hope for the survival of the people on our earth. We must hold the line on our borders and maintain our American values. We must start rebuilding families and passing on our values to our offspring, lest we move toward the anarchy that will destroy our country and allow the demise of mankind.

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