Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Bully, Bully

When I was in elementary school, children that misbehaved in class were called down and disciplined by the teachers. It usually started with a stern voice and explanation why that behavior was inappropriate. Most student complied with what they were told to do by teachers and the norm was for that student never having to be corrected again for the same infraction. There were a few children that were more aggravating than others and took more teacher time, but the teachers usually managed it in the classroom.

At home, kids playing with other neighborhood kids occasionally had disputes with each other and they managed it within their peer group. People that had a tendency for bullying were usually not invited to events and were shunned by others in the group. Occasionally a parent or parents were involved, but that was seldom.

Junior high and high school provided a little more freedom for youngsters and most of the time, students obeyed the teachers. For some infractions at school, unruly students were sent to the principal’s office. Those occasions were rare. Bullying that took place was usually in the hallway, gym class or lunch periods. There were usually teachers around to prevent things from getting out of hand.

Bullies are cowards. They like bullying weaker people or softer-spoken people and usually do it out of sight of people that can stop them. In the neighborhoods people avoid the bullies. Bullies also like to use gang-tactics to bully people they cannot bully as an individual.

Bullies have been around forever, but they were few and they were the exception. There were some groups like the KKK or motorcycle clubs that were aggressive and dangerous in their bullying, but local law enforcement has all but stopped working with them and ignoring them. Now these well-known groups are watched and minimized.

Bullying changed in the last few years and I think it started by electing a community organizer as our President. His solution to bullying was not to retrain the bully. His approach was to retrain everyone else to recognize a bully and call them out. That is right. Our approach has changed forever from addressing bullies’ behavior to teaching everyone else to be a bully.

The community organizer divided us up along racial lines, ethnic lines, sex, sexual orientation and any other division he and his cohorts could muster. Now we have bullies in mass around the country. Antifa is a bullying group that has assumed authority to attack anyone they choose. They usually stay in Democrat controlled cities, because Democrat mayors and police chiefs will not stop their violence or tyranny. Feminists hold marches in cities and exclude Republican women and women that oppose abortion. People on the political right are shunned by the LGBT community. Black Lives Matter despises anyone that think other lives matter. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is made of Democrats and held a meeting last week to decide if they should let a Republican Hispanic join them.

The trend in colleges is to shun and hate white males for their masculinity. The new hierarchy for professors calling on students in class is black women, other people of color, white women and if no one else has an answer, they will call on a white male. This IS a thing and it is happening.

The news media has jumped on the bullying bandwagon. The only thing consistent about the plethora of new bullies we now encounter is that they are on the left. Obama should be proud.